Saturday, September 8, 2007

Tired of Tomatoes

I have title this "Tired of Tomatoes" because my wonderful husband brought in about 12 tomatoes from our mutant tomato plant we have. I say it is mutant because it has overtaken the left half of our front flowerbed. Our flowerbed used to be nice, with red and white geraniums and some other flowers, but now it is the home to what I think is the largest tomato plant I have ever had. Last year, we planted a tomato plant in the same spot, and it did well, so we decided to do it again. Well, the plant you see in the pictures started from a SEED, in an INDOOR GREENHOUSE (you know, those little dirt discs and plastic trays you get at Wal-mart), and it has turned into a monster. I put the 10th bag of chopped tomatoes in the deep freeze today, right along with the 8 containers of salsa I have already made and frozen. It takes 10 cups of tomatoes to make 8 containers, so that tells you, in addition to the 10 quart bags we have now, how much time I've been spending chopping tomatoes. Oh well, lots of chili and salsa is yet to be made this winter! By the end of the month, our freezer will be nothing but red meat and tomatoes because we are taking a half side of beef from a local farmer...we'll be eating good this winter!

On to other things...the boys started school this week. I took the morning off on Wednesday so I could take them to school. We left our house, with Matthew and I in the CRV and Derrick and Lucas in the Civic. Sounds silly, but we both wanted to take them to school, and since I had to stay and work and Derrick had to go to a meeting that morning, we split the difference and each took one. Sometimes I wonder what we would do if we didn't have two boys to each have one to ourselves! There were no tears from the boys, or from me, and they are loving it so far. They go three days a week, and the cool thing is my classroom is in a modular unit outside off the playground. They come out for recess around the end of my 6th Grade reading class, and I can watch them playing with their friends. It's cool to have them there in the school building now. Last year, their class was over in the church basement.

We have started the college football season off well. We were able to send the boys to my mom's and go to a local bar with some friends to watch the Buckeyes in their opening game last weekend. Today I've just been checking the scores on the ESPN scrolling score thing at the bottom of the screen, because the game is only on the BIG 10 Network, which our cable company doesn't carry. After this week, the games should be televised on local stations. This BIG 10 Network has been a BIG PAIN in the backside for us Buckeye Fans! Sorry and deepest condolences to our U of M fans who suffered a devastating loss last weekend!

Derrick continues to work on the shower. The tile is up and looks really nice, and the next step is to put the grout in. Hopefully that will happen tomorrow after church.

God's blessings to all of you on your weekend!