Friday, February 22, 2008

The Ups and DOWNS of the Hurst Family

Hi, everyone. Well, where do I start. First of all, I went to WalMart last Wednesday to get a few things. It was a finally sunny day, things had begun to melt, and I was nonchalantly walking into WalMart to get the much needed pull ups, milk, etc. Before I knew it, I had stepped off the driveway, onto the sidewalk, making my way to the entrance, when down I went. Yep, that's right, down on the ground, feet up in the air, wet bottom and all. Apparently, there was black ice on the sidewalk. At any rate, I also caught myself with my right hand. Well, being the devoted shopper that I am, I got right up, and continued to shop. Got home, cried all the way home from embarassment and and hurt arm, and continued on with my evening. My arm was swollen a bit, and wouldn't straighten all the way, but I figured after a couple of days, it would stretch back out. Contacts, teeth brushing, hair washing, etc. were major struggles. Well, we got a good laugh out of it that evening, and my sixth graders thought it was hilarious, and I went on with my day Thursday. My sweet husband sent me roses to school for Valentine's day, thank you very much! Well, my arm wasn't really healing too well, but getting better. So, I took Friday off to spend with the boys on their birthday. My sweet husband had also made me a doctor's appointment to get my arm checked out. I went, he said it was probably hyperextended, gave me a prescription for some pain pills, an x-ray order (at my convenience, it was up to me to go), and I was out the door to get ready for the birthday party.
The Hursts came over Friday night for pizza and presents and all that fun stuff. Saturday, Derrick and I went to Jeffersonville to the Outlet Malls and out with some friends later, and Sunday was church and my family over for roast, presents, and more cake and icecream. Monday I took my President's Day and went to school for a little while to do some grading and get caught up from not being there Friday. I debated on going to the gym or to the hospital for the xray. (I still didn't have full range of motion almost a week later). So, I went to the hospital, got an xray, and it showed I had fractured my radial head in my right arm. Tuesday started out as a 2 hour delay, and I had just dropped the boys off at Derrick's mom's house, when he called me and said we had moved to a cancellation. So, I worked for a little, Derrick and I went to lunch, and it was off to see the orthopedic doctor in Marysville. He said my fracture was a 1 on a scale of three. That means it will hopefully heal on its own, a 2 or 3 is automatic surgery. So here I am, under the restriction of not lifting anything more than 8 oz for the next two weeks, and then back for a check up. Looking back, I had been lifting a lot more than that, and I could have broken it all the way! UHHHHHHH!!!! God is definetly looking out for me. Also, no pushing or pulling motions, (like vacuuming...and Derrick was sitting right there to hear that) and I am doing almost everything left handed. Well, that is my story, we are home again today for a snow day, and I will post some birthday pictures when I get them developed. Have a great weekend!