Friday, August 7, 2009

Soccer Camp

We have two worn out six year olds this week. Monday they went to soccer camp for the first time. It was two hours each morning. As much as they ride bikes and play all day, running around outside for two hours made their little legs really tired! They learned the fundamentals, and we were hoping they would like it enough that I could sign them up for fall soccer. I thought Matthew would be a little skittish, as he's been going through this phase where he is afraid of EVERYTHING! I didn't think Lucas would be a problem, as he is a tad more athletic than Matthew. But, I made them go anyway. Well, they really liked it. Matthew was very brave and got right in there to get the ball when they would scrimmage, and he didn't complain too much. Lucas was great with cheering on the other kids, and he caught onto dribbling and the terminology pretty well.
We also had a showing on Saturday, and then we have three tomorrow, the 8th. I hope one of these puts an offer on our house. Who knows. We've been looking at homes, but until things with church are more final, around November, we won't be committing to buying or building a home. Which, the option if our home sells between now and then is that we live with my parents for a few months if we have to. Let's just say I hope we don't have to live there very long. I love my parents, wouldn't mind staying with them for a week or so, but we are both too independent to be excited about moving in with them. Whatever happens happens, but when you throw a newborn in the mix, not so much fun for everyone.
School starts in three weeks, and I am excited for the boys and all they will learn in first grade. However, I am feeling anxiety about sending them to first grade and all that comes with that...they are six, they'll be in school all day, they are starting their school career, etc. Just a mom thing, but I still can't shake it. It's like when I cry every year on their birthday. I have a part time job as an instructional aide at Jonathan Alder Junior High this year. Right now it's part time, but may turn full time. I'm excited about it. I don't have to lesson plan, go to meetings, etc., but I still get to use my teaching skills. This coming week is the time for the boys to go to Derrick's mom's for the week. They always look forward to going, and we do, too. It's nice to send them to Grandma's for a week. Not sure what we are going to do. I assume I will get the backpacks and school supplies ready at church. We organized a drive to collect supplies to give to needy families in the area, so I need to get that together. I'll probably help my friend, Theresa, in her classroom, and scrapbook and read. It will be a nice, quiet week, but I'll be ready for the boys to come home.