Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's Been a While

Well, since I joined Facebook, I have been neglecting our family blog. Oh well. I'll try to do better. Since I last updated, lots of things have happened. We celebrated our anniversary...nine years on February 26th. We went to j. Gilbert's, a steakhouse in Columbus. They specialize in wood grilled steaks. It was unbelieveable! We had a gift card for there, and thought we would try it. It was the fanciest, most expensive restaurant we have ever been to. The food looked like it came off FoodNetwork. We had shrimp cocktail, wine, steak, crab cakes, and some amazing chocolate dessert that had liquid chocolate in it so when you cut a bite, it oozed out! YUM!
Next, we have been working on the hardwood floors. Derrick finished the third bedroom just this past week and started his parents' living room and dining room. We have come to the realization that we no longer want, but NEED a larger home. So, we are working on our to do list to get it in selling condition. Hopefully by Easter we will have it listed. We've been looking at larger homes and researching our options. We'll see what happens.
Lucas lost his second bottom tooth in church last Sunday. Yeah, in church, right before we were ready to go to Communion. He sneezed, and I was wiping his nose, brushed against his mouth that was open so he could breathe b/c I was pinching his nose, and I knocked it out. Nothing ever dull in our house. He also has the hang of riding a two wheel bike. He needs help getting started, but then can go for about nine houses or so. Next we need to get Matthew on it, and get Lucas to learn how to turn around in a driveway.
Third, I'm pregnant. We had an ultrasound today, and there is only one baby in there. According to the tech, "one standard kid. about one inch long." I'm nine weeks and due between October 31 and November 4. Pretty exciting stuff!
We are looking forward to Spring Break. This coming week is the last week before break. We need some time off of school. Nothing's hard to do that when you are a church family and spring break falls during Holy Week. Oh well...we have plenty to do around the house.