Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Discussion

Last night, while we were having our bedtime snuggles, Matthew struck up quite the conversation with us. He, out of the blue, said he didn't want to go to college. I said that he needed to think about it a little more, and then he started a list of jobs he wanted to have, hoping none of them would lead to college. After every one..a policeman, a space man, a cook, an army man...the list goes on, we said that each of those involved some type of education. Not sure why we were carrying this conversation, but we indulged him anyway. Well, after a few more minutes, we got to the bottom of the issue. He said, with teary eyes and a shaky face, "I don't want to go to college because you can't see your mommy there!" That's my boy! I told him that I could come and visit, or if he wanted to go to OSU that he could live at home and drive his own car to college everyday, only to return back here at home to see me everyday. How sweet is that! It didn't exactly pacify his desire to get out of going to college, but I think his reason is great! I'm anxious to see what this conversation turns into in about 10 years.