Monday, December 14, 2009

This past week was busy but so much fun. Thursday night Matthew and Lucas had their Christmas performance at school, "Happy, Happy Holiday." Being our first year in a public school, I wasn't sure what to expect as far as the performance went and the message it was going to convey. However, it was fantastic! They sang some fun, jazzy Christmas songs. Granted, they were mostly about reindeer and fruitcake, even "Feliz Navidad" made it into the mix. But, it was so cute! The kids had learned some very sweet choreography, and were dressed to the nines. It was also only 40 minutes long, which was very nice. Matthew and Lucas were so good at remembering their moves and lyrics. Matthew had even volunteered to be a dancer in "It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas." Derrick starts singing that song every year..usually right after Halloween when he is getting into the Christmas spirit. Matthew was SO proud of himself, and kept looking at Derrick while he was dancing to make sure he had Daddy's full attention.
A few weeks ago, I was asking them about their performance and what it was going to be like. Matthew said that I would be so proud of them that I would cry and buy them a toy...well, I definitely had tears of pride and good thing Christmas is coming because that takes care of the toy part!

Friday was supposed to be the circuit pastor's Christmas party..but it was cancelled. Since we didn't want to take away a babysitting opportunity from my parents, they came over anyway so we could go on a date. It was fabulous! I didn't think Ruby Tuesday, Giant Eagle, Sam's Club, and Target could be so much fun. We finished our shopping for the most part..and I am learning to be VERY selective of the toys we buy for the it something that I won't mind picking up, tripping over, or having in my house?

Saturday was getting ready for the baptism. Natalie was baptized on Sunday, and Saturday meant rolling meat and arranging cheeses on trays for the lunch we were providing afterward. Let's say that I don't mind a deli meat sandwich, but I know now why I don't make trays for a living...yuck! Sunday we had her baptism. Church was full..for us that's like 50 people. Our neighbors, who are non church goers, actually came. I was so thankful they came. Pastor Brian and Sarah Larson and Derrick's brother Daniel are Natalie's sponsors. She handled the baptizing crying! It was so cool again to see Derrick baptize our kids. Afterward we had a luncheon at church, then home to relax and get ready for the week ahead. Only 4 more days until Christmas break starts!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas...

Here in our house, we are getting more and more ready for Christmas. We put the trees up two weeks ago. As I mentioned, the one in the boys' room is interesting...and actually still standing! We received Natalie's stocking in the mail last week, so hanging that made a nice addition to our decorations. Matthew and Lucas got their Advent calendars from Grandma Patty last week. She buys them the big, "official" ones from World Market, and this year they got a playmobil one, too. That ended up in fights, as to who got what toy and who got to open the flap each day. So, we finally gave in and just opened the whole thing and added it to the playmobil collection. Tomorrow is their Christmas performance at school. They are under strict instructions to get "decked out"..good thing they each have one dressy outfit...since we wear jeans to church most of the time, their dress clothes collection has drastically fizzled in the last few years. They actually got dress shoes that I ordered from Kohl's in the mail yesterday...right on time for their performance and they fit! Guess that means they have to quit wearing their crocs to church and every other function that requires their khakis. Our Christmas plans are getting more and more finalized...where we are going and when. The only thing left is stocking stuffers and getting them to see Santa. Of course, Natalie is growing so quickly! She's going to be 7 weeks on Friday. She's having some seriously fussy crying and holding her we are thinking acid reflux. She's starting a prescription tomorrow...hopefully that will make things better. Today I found out that as of next Monday I will be considered "full time" at work. Up until now I was being paid at the tutoring hourly rate for 3 hours and then a sub rate for 3 hours. This was because the lady who was there before me was on disability and was unsure if she was returning after the first of the year. She resigned as of today, so that moves me to full time pay and insurance. Yeah! This past weekend was Derrick's installation at Atonement Lutheran in Columbus. He's now the pastor of missions/outreach down there. Not much at Living Truth changes...he still pastors here, but Atonement has adopted our church plant and will be supporting it in so many awesome ways. His friend, Matt Hoffman (Oswald's grandson) preached a fabulous message at his installation. Next Sunday, the 13th, is Natalie's baptism. I am excited because I invited our neighbors, who don't go to church, for the service. She said they are coming! I really hope so!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Our Thanksgiving

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone. But, it was amazing! Derrick's mom had a surprise for all of us. She got a day pass from Dodd Hall for Derrick's dad to come home for the day. He got to see Natalie, and he held her almost all day. The boys were SO relieved to see that grandpa was feeling better, could talk to them, and could get up and walk around. He did sit in his rocking chair almost all day, but he was so glad to be there, as we were all so glad he was there. The original plan was that we would eat a quick lunch and then head down to the hospital. There is a visiting area and we were planning on taking the kids in for a little bit. But, much to my relief, we didn't have to go down to the hospital. I don't mind hospitals, but taking my kids to one is a different story. Later in the evening, we went to my cousin's house. He has totally redone the inside and outside of an older home in Marysville, and this was sort of a housewarming for him also. We had a gingerbread house making contest (yes, mom and aunts come up with quite the activities)....and then made our way home to get the kiddos to bed. Black Friday was spent at home, shopping online. I have to say that we get a lot of our shopping done that way. It's so nice! Over the weekend, we also put up our Christmas trees. We have the big, 10 ft., one in the living room, and this year the boys got a 6 ft one for their bedroom. They went at it, and the ornaments are in some interesting places. I think it's funny that they put their three or four favorites (each) on the bottom branches, so there is a section that sags almost to the floor. Oh well. Two weekends ago, it was in the 60s, so Derrick and Lucas put our lights up outside. Matthew wanted nothing to do with the ladder, so he managed the Christmas lights on the ground. He finished, after the trees, with the garland, and now our house is done.

It's finally starting to turn cold..but even so we are having highs in the 50s. On Saturday the Rausch ladies got together for tea. It was also a surprise baby shower for Natalie and I. Sunday was church and I went to get a few things at Bath and Body Works for Christmas gifts. Derrick had his first time staying home with all three kiddos alone. He did great, of course. Looking ahead, this Wednesday night is church decorating, and that is the most excitement I think we'll have this week. This weekend is our church cookie exchange and Derrick's installation at Atonement...I am really looking forward to that celebration! I'll be getting our Christmas cards out this week. I did them on Shutterfly this year, and they turned out really nice. Natalie is five weeks old, and proving to be slightly high maitenance at a young age. Oh my mom says, "I hope you have a child just like you someday". She is growing, and starting to coo and make such cute noises. I have to go back to work next Monday. I'm not too excited about it, but only two weeks and Christmas vacation will be here!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Discussion

Last night, while we were having our bedtime snuggles, Matthew struck up quite the conversation with us. He, out of the blue, said he didn't want to go to college. I said that he needed to think about it a little more, and then he started a list of jobs he wanted to have, hoping none of them would lead to college. After every one..a policeman, a space man, a cook, an army man...the list goes on, we said that each of those involved some type of education. Not sure why we were carrying this conversation, but we indulged him anyway. Well, after a few more minutes, we got to the bottom of the issue. He said, with teary eyes and a shaky face, "I don't want to go to college because you can't see your mommy there!" That's my boy! I told him that I could come and visit, or if he wanted to go to OSU that he could live at home and drive his own car to college everyday, only to return back here at home to see me everyday. How sweet is that! It didn't exactly pacify his desire to get out of going to college, but I think his reason is great! I'm anxious to see what this conversation turns into in about 10 years.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween 2009

This year for Halloween, Matthew and Lucas decided to be Bumblebee and Optimus Prime from Transformers.
Their costumes were very cute, and of course they had to act like Transformers, too. Matthew, as Bumblebee, would run around and fight the bad guys, then ball himself up into a "car" and take off. Too funny. For trick-or-treat, my parents, grandma, Derrick's mom, Darragh, Daniel and Emily, and Lindsey came over to help hand out candy and take the boys around. Derrick and I walked with them for the first 15 minutes or so, then I needed to go back home and sit down. I was hoping to get a good walk in, but one week post delivery my body was telling me otherwise. Oh well. I got comfy in a lawn chair and a blanket, and Lindsey and I sat and handed out candy. Patty (Derrick's mom) and my mom took turns taking the boys out for more candy. Of course, they came home with a ton. It was cold this year for Halloween...I made the boys wear hats and gloves, so we were out of candy and inside a little after seven. In fact, several houses around us had already gone inside around that time, too. We usually last until 8, but we only had 257 pieces of candy to hand out this year, and when we were out, we were out. My grandma took care of sitting in the kitchen window to watch the trick or treaters and hold Natalie. She was more than happy to do so. We had our usual soups, bread and cookies and we all hung out until around 9 or so. Thankfully the next day was a Sunday. Derrick was on "vacation", so we all stayed home from church. The boys (all 3 of them) played video games, I played card games with Matthew and Lucas, and we just enjoyed being home together.

Friday, the boys had their fall party at school. Derrick stayed home with Natalie so I could go and be at their party with them. They were allowed to wear their costumes for the party, and they opted to wear their Annakin and Obi-Wan costumes from last year. Then, they have a little costume parade around the school and back to the room for their party. It was very cute. They each had a plate of goodies waiting for them, and a sugar cookie with icing and various candies to decorate it like a pumpkin face. It was surprisingly quiet in that first grade classroom while they ate their snacks and quietly chatted at their tables.

Natalie is growing! She had her first well check on Tuesday and she is up to 7 lbs. 15 oz, and 19 1/2 in. long. She was 19 in at birth, and weighed 7 3 when we left the hospital. She is doing well with sleeping and eating, and is only getting up twice at night...around 1 or so and then around 5. Derrick is so awesome with getting up with her, or sometimes staying up to do the one o'clock feeding and then putting her down and I get up at the next one. We had a few outings this week...Kroger, Panera, and Target. Overall, it was a great week.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Since I last updated, much has changed in our house and family. First, Derrick has been called as an outreach pastor at Atonement Lutheran in Columbus. This comes from several months of our church and his call here being under distress because of budget reasons. We had a few options--he getting a call somewhere else, our church moving into a different space (or have no space at all), or Atonement "adopting/merging" with us at Living Truth. Thankfully, they voted to go with merging with us. This gives our family peace, Derrick's call stability, and our church a refocus. Second, Derrick's dad is in the hospital with adult respritory distress as a result of H1N1 that then moved to pneumonia and now to this. You can visit to get the whole story and updates. Derrick updates this site when his mom calls with updates from the hospital. Third, Natalie Grace Keitha Hurst was born Friday the 23rd at 3:45 pm. She weighed 7 lbs. 8 oz and was 19 in. long. It was a different delivery experience than I had with the boys, and needless to say there is more to the labor and delivery story...but some details are better left for conversaton/emails as opposed to on our blog or facebook:). We are trying to settle into a routine and trying to manage being parents of three kids. Let's just say that the boys are SO helpful, love to touch her and get right in her face to talk to her...I'm so glad they are in school all day. They have been getting out ABC, number, and sight word flashcards and teaching her some words. I'm thankful they are so into her, but I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon. Who knows. I'm off until the beginning of December, will go back to work for about 2 weeks, then be off for Christmas break. Thanks for checking on us. Enjoy the pictures!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Grade

Matthew and Lucas have been in first grade for exactly a week now. WOW! Last Tuesday, we went to Open House to walk around the school, Northwood Elementary, and meet their teacher. The school is gorgeous, the classrooms are spacious, and everyone we met was very nice. Miss Fisher, their teacher, is very enthusiastic and very nice. I felt better after we left the Open House. I had seen where they eat, the playground, how near the bathrooms are to their room, etc. All that important mommy stuff. Then Wednesday came. Their first day of school. I stayed home from work in the morning so we could all four go together to get them to their room. We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, got our school clothes on, and were out the door. We had to wait a few minutes inside the door until the bell rang and the kids were dismissed to their rooms. Matthew and Lucas were very excited, and a little nervous. Lucas said he could feel the butterflies floating around his tummy. Up until this day, he had been complaining of his tummy hurting off and on, and not eating much. Both very NONTYPICAL of Lucas. I had it figured out it was nerves. So, we began the walk to the room. I was holding Matthew's hand and Derrick was holding Lucas's. We found their spot at their table, and put their backpack in their cubby. All was great until I bent down to say good-bye to Matthew. He looked very apprehensive and like he was holding back his tears. So, of course, that's when I started to get a little weepy. I hugged and kissed him and told him to have a great day, then went to Lucas's seat. I bent down to hug and kiss him and could barely get it out because I was really starting to cry. They had some work on their desk and started right to it, and we left. As soon as I walked out of the room, I was sobbing. Of course, my level headed husband says they'll be fine, etc., but that didn't help any. I dropped Derrick off at home to get his truck and left for work. I sobbed almost all the way to work...about a 20 minute drive. I was really sad that they were doing something without me, and that they were in a "strange" place. Oh well. Of course, I was very eager to pick them up. As soon as they spotted me in the line, they waved like crazy. As soon as they got in the car, before I could even ask, Lucas said, "School was great!" Matthew totally agreed and it's been great so far. They are coming home from school so happy and can tell me so much about their day. I think my favorite thing so far is what happened the first day. Miss Fisher read them a book called "The Kissing Hand". In it, the raccoon is nervous/sad about leaving his mom on the first day of school. So, she kisses the palm of his hand and he puts it to his cheek during the day to comfort him. Everyday since then, Matthew has asked me to kiss his palm either before bed or before I leave in the morning. Yesterday I asked him if he wanted me to kiss his hand, and he said, "No, I still haven't used the one you gave me yesterday."

We've had several more showings on our house, but no offers yet. We signed to build with Dominion last week, and the digging starts in October. Hopefully we'll sell our home and be able to move on. If not, it's not what God wants us to do right now. He's never let us down before, and He is only working for our good. So, we'll see.

Miss Natalie is moving a lot, and I've been rather uncomfortable the last few weeks. I told Derrick I feel like Violet on Willie Wonka...the little girl who ate too much and swelled up. We start soccer this week, and then add karate and scouts next week. It's busy, but it's kind of nice, too.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Week of Fun...

This past week was a "Week of Fun" at Grandma Patty's (Derrick's mom's) for the boys. It started Sunday after church, and they returned them to church the past week. They had great fun..playing on the Bonzai Waterslide in the backyard, playing a lot of Wii, eating whatever they want, staying up know, the usual grandma and grandpa stuff. They also had a great day at Kings Island with the grandparents and saw Aliens in the Attic. Matthew lost his second tooth while they were there, and he has been sleeping pull-up free since they came home!! YEAH!! They were so exhausted Sunday night that they fell asleep snuggling with me on the couch. I have to say, that was great, as that hasn't happened in forever!

While they were at grandma and grandpa's, Derrick and I enjoyed our time together. We had dinner when we could actually talk to each other. He took me to Doc's Bakery for breakfast one morning, and I totally love the place. He works from there a day or two a week, and I've been wanting to check it out. We went to lunch at First Watch, dinner to Old Bag of Nails, and lunch at Doc's Bakery. It was great! We also met with the rep from Dominion, and decided to build a home in Mill Valley North. Our timeline with merging with Atonement has moved up, and we feel this is a good decision, so we're looking forward to that. It will probably be the beginning of September or so by the time we get all the ducks in a row.

I spent most of the days while they were at grandma and grandpa's working on backpacks. Back in July, we started a supply drive to get school supplies to needy kids. We collected 171 backpacks and tons of supplies. We sent out about 200 invitations to needy families, and it was a great success! On Saturday, it was supposed to start at 3:00. Of course, we had families lined up around 2:30, and by 2:45, the entrance to our church was FULL of people, with the line going out the door. Not only did we give away backpacks and supplies, but Premier Salon Concept out of Dublin donated their time and services to give the kids nice haircuts. I can't even describe how awesome it was to see the stylists working on each kid. They didn't just trim, either. They styled and braided, curled, straightened, moussed, gelled, etc. The kids looked great! They had a huge spring in their step when they left with their stylish cut and new backpack. We ended up giving away about 100 backpacks, and a little over 100 haircuts.

So, that was our week. This is our last week before school starts. I start as an Instructional Aide on the 25th, and my little buddies are off to first grade on the 26th. My pregnancy is going well. Let's just say that my insides seem to have turned into a trampoline, pommel horse, etc. She's moving A LOT, and I'm in the third trimester. Before we know it, we'll have a littl girl in the house!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Soccer Camp

We have two worn out six year olds this week. Monday they went to soccer camp for the first time. It was two hours each morning. As much as they ride bikes and play all day, running around outside for two hours made their little legs really tired! They learned the fundamentals, and we were hoping they would like it enough that I could sign them up for fall soccer. I thought Matthew would be a little skittish, as he's been going through this phase where he is afraid of EVERYTHING! I didn't think Lucas would be a problem, as he is a tad more athletic than Matthew. But, I made them go anyway. Well, they really liked it. Matthew was very brave and got right in there to get the ball when they would scrimmage, and he didn't complain too much. Lucas was great with cheering on the other kids, and he caught onto dribbling and the terminology pretty well.
We also had a showing on Saturday, and then we have three tomorrow, the 8th. I hope one of these puts an offer on our house. Who knows. We've been looking at homes, but until things with church are more final, around November, we won't be committing to buying or building a home. Which, the option if our home sells between now and then is that we live with my parents for a few months if we have to. Let's just say I hope we don't have to live there very long. I love my parents, wouldn't mind staying with them for a week or so, but we are both too independent to be excited about moving in with them. Whatever happens happens, but when you throw a newborn in the mix, not so much fun for everyone.
School starts in three weeks, and I am excited for the boys and all they will learn in first grade. However, I am feeling anxiety about sending them to first grade and all that comes with that...they are six, they'll be in school all day, they are starting their school career, etc. Just a mom thing, but I still can't shake it. It's like when I cry every year on their birthday. I have a part time job as an instructional aide at Jonathan Alder Junior High this year. Right now it's part time, but may turn full time. I'm excited about it. I don't have to lesson plan, go to meetings, etc., but I still get to use my teaching skills. This coming week is the time for the boys to go to Derrick's mom's for the week. They always look forward to going, and we do, too. It's nice to send them to Grandma's for a week. Not sure what we are going to do. I assume I will get the backpacks and school supplies ready at church. We organized a drive to collect supplies to give to needy families in the area, so I need to get that together. I'll probably help my friend, Theresa, in her classroom, and scrapbook and read. It will be a nice, quiet week, but I'll be ready for the boys to come home.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I am so proud of Matthew. Last week, he decided, with a bit of bribing from me, that he would ride his bike. He is always on his scooter, trailing behind Lucas and any neighborhood kids when they are out playing. It breaks my heart to see him pumping his little leg to move the scooter to keep up with everyone else, but he wasn't seeing the need to ride his bike. So, I told him that he could have 15 marbles if he rode his bike, with Derrick running beside, to the end of the street three times. That was all it took! He got going on it, and pretty soon he was riding to their boundary, and he was waiting for one of us to come down and give him a push start back toward home. The next day, he worked and worked on getting started himself, and he has that figured out, too. There is a bike trail a few blocks from our house, and it has a very big hill that Lucas has been wanting to ride down. Derrick took them out individually for bike rides this week, and Lucas did the hill. When Matthew found out, he was a little bent out of shape. I told him he needed to be more confident on his bike, and Daddy would take him. The rest of the day Monday and part of Tuesday he rode and rode his bike to show he could keep it together on the hill. Derrick took them both last night on the hill. Not sure Derrick will do that again, but the boys thoroughly enjoyed it. I am so proud of him because he tends to think anything new will hurt him, and he isn't always the bravest little soul. He has such confidence now, and it's starting to show up in other things. Although, he does turn every light on between the living room and the bathroom when we send him to brush his teeth. Oh well. He also has two loose teeth on the bottom. Pulling them out could get interesting, so I haven't been messing with them too much.
We have also been working on the nursery. It is coming together nicely, and we think it's really cute. It's so much fun getting that kind of stuff ready.
Derrick has really been into grilling out this summer. We almost always use the grill from about April through October or so. Usually it's hamburgers, brats, steaks. This summer, we've grilled corn, shrimp, peaches, pineapples, etc. The goal is for Derrick, aka Bobby Flay, to try different things and see how they turn out. This weekend or next we're going to try pizza on the grill. After dinner, we've used the firepit a lot and had lots of s'mores!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Niagara Falls and Hershey

Our vacation was wonderful. We left Tuesday afternoon around 2:30 and made our way to New York. We had a doctor's appointment where we found out we are having a girl, so that made an exciting start to our vacation. Derrick is so excited about it, and is showing off the pictures to everyone. Her name is Natalie, and we are wavering between Alexis or Grace for her middle name. Anyway, the boys did great in the car. I had bought them some new coloring books, a new movie, and a small Transformer for some car entertainment. They loved the Transformers and played with them the ENTIRE six hours to Niagara Falls. We had sandwiches in the car for dinner, and made it to our hotel around 8:30 or so. I had promised them time in the pool, so while Derrick got things settled in our room, I took them down to the pool to burn off some energy.

Wednesday, we had breakfast at the hotel and packed up our cooler to make our way to the park. The really great thing about Niagara is that everything we wanted to do was in the state park. We just had to park the car, get a map, and walk everywhere we wanted to go. We started by just walking around and getting an idea as to what we wanted to do first. We ended up at a trailhead, which took us down to Bridal Veil and American Falls. These were so beautiful!
We watched these smaller falls for a bit, and then followed the trail over to the Maid of the Mist. This is a boat that takes you along the river and right up to Horseshoe Falls. It was a great ride, and the boys were really into it. We had ponchos to wear, but we still got a little wet. After this, we bought an iced lemonade and took a break on a bench. We walked to the aquarium. It was really small, but they had a lot of neat looking fish and other animals. We were there for about half an hour and then worked our way back to the car. We found a shaded table and had a picnic. We were so ready to eat and relax for a little bit. We had lunch and played a few card games. The boys had fun feeding the sea gulls that were around the picnic area, too. We were so hungry and worn out from all the walking we had done that we devoured our lunches. After the rest, we headed to the Cave of the Winds. I think this is the coolest thing we did at the park. We put on special water sandles and ponchos. Then we got into an elevator and went down a gorge about 175 feet. That put us about to the level of the river. Mind you, the falls and water are rushing around us. We made our way up the first tier of steps. Here the water is misting around you and you're getting a little wet. Then, the second tier of steps we climbed the water from Bridal Veil Falls was rushing at our feet and we were getting wetter. The third tier we climbed took us right up to the falls. Like right there, they would knock you over if you were brave enough to get that close. It was called the Hurricane Deck...and it was just like you see on the weather forecasts during hurricane season when the newscaster is being pelted by winds and rushing water. It hurt and stung when it hit us, but we didn't care. We walked right up to them and got soaked. By this time, we had enough Niagara Falls fun for the time being. We went back to the hotel to have some quiet time and let the boys swim a little. Then, we went to dinner at Bob Evans. After dinner, we drove back to the park and walked to the Hard Rock Cafe to get some souvenirs. Afterwards, we walked back to the park and looked at the falls while the boys had their favorite summer treat, Dippin Dots. We waited for dusk to come when they light up the falls. We waited and waited, for about 40 minutes, but they still weren't lighting them, so we gave up and went to the hotel.

Thursday, we pushed to get out kind of early so we could make our way to Hershey, PA. We arrived there around 2:30 or so. After checking into the hotel, we drove over to Chocolate World. We did the simulated factory tour and the 3D chocolate show. They had SO much chocolate everywhere! The factory makes 60 million hershey kisses each day! Of course, at the end of the ride and the 3 D show we got a mini Hersheys bar. The boys also got to be factory workers and package their own kisses. That was very fun and cute for them. We were there for about two hours and then went back to the hotel to swim a bit before dinner. We went to Applebee's for dinner, then back to the Hershey park/Chocolate World area for ice cream.

Friday, we made our way to Strausburg to go to the Toy Train and the Pennsylvania Railroad Museums. This was a quaint, beautiful little Amish town. We were able to see some farmers working with horse plows while we were driving. We went to the toy train museum first. This was walls and cases of toy trains. They also had five train towns set up and different buttons to push to make the accessories light up or the trains go. After this, we drove up the road to the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum. This was basically a big garage that had antique, life size trains of different types. Some you could climb in and some you could just look at. They were amazing nonetheless. After a few hours here in Strausburg, we made our way back home. We got back to Marysville around 8:30 or so, picked up a pizza on the way home and relaxed. We had a great time away!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Yeah Summer!

School's out! Yeah! I have been struggling this year with enjoying teaching and trying to balance the classroom with our family life. Those days are over! I am so thankful to be finished with teaching and now I am able to focus on our home life and helping Derrick more with church. Speaking of church...VBS is this week. Not sure how many kids to expect, so that always makes for anxiousness around the church. I am also sending the boys to VBS at St. John's this week. Theirs is from 9-12 and ours is in the evening from 6-8. My husband thinks I'm crazy, and some of you reading this may think so, too. Two VBS sessions in one day! Oh well. You can't have too much Jesus.

I am 20 weeks along in my pregnancy. I am definetly looking pregnant, which is better than looking like I've gained a few pounds. I love shopping, as most of you know, but not for maternity clothes. Oh well. It feeds my habit for now I guess. I'm not trying to buy too much..I'd rather buy cute new clothes after the baby comes! We find out what we are having on the 23rd. Which is also the day we are going on VACATION! Yes, my husband actually wants to go on vacation...ok, maybe doesn't want to but sees the need for it. As kids, the only vacation spots we know are Myrtle Beach (my family spot) and Disney World or Kings Island (his family spots). All those sound great...but Derrick doesn't like the beach, and most of the rides at Disney World are out for me right now. Instead, we decided on Niagara Falls and then Hershey/Strausburg PA. At the falls, we are going to do the Maid of the Mist and the Cave of the Winds. I am so geeked about this. I've always wanted to go on the Maid of the's a boat you ride around the falls in case you weren't sure...Also, they have fireworks nightly at the falls. We are also visiting an aquarium as part of our trip there. We will be there two days, and then head down into PA. We are staying in Harrisburg, between Hershey and Strausburg. We are going to the Hershey factory...which we are very excited about..then in Strausburg is a Railroad Museum and a Toy Train Museum..both of which the boys will love. We'll be there for two days and then make our way back home.

This week is crazy. We not only have VBS, but Derrick is responsible for much of the AV equipment, running it, and helping the presenters at our district convention. He's not too excited about it. He will be at the Embassy Suites in Dublin all day/into the evening Wednesday-Saturday.

The weather has been warm, and the boys have been all over their scooters/bikes. Lucas is doing so well on his bike. He is actually becoming a little too bold for my taste. Have a good week!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spring Is Here

A Brief Summary Since My Last Blog....

Derrick and I went to San Antonio for PLI. A week off school for me, time with him away from the boys, hanging out with our awesome collegial group for five days..sun and warm weather...

My "stomach is humongous"..the words of Matthew after not seeing me for a week...we entered "grandma detoxification" immediately upon returning from San Antonio....enough said about that.

Derrick's birthday...he asked for (and got) the sweetest gift...a keychain with my name on one side, "Matthew" and "Lucas" and a blank space for the baby's on the other...

Countdown to days of school....15 school days left! YEAH!!! The only babies will be first graders

Mother's Day at home with the four of us. We bought and planted flowers, had steaks, and played outside. I even got a very nice card...

Matthew and Lucas had two field trips this week and Safetytown Weds-Fri....

That's about it!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Break Recap

Spring break has come and gone, but it was great to be home. On Palm Sunday, Derrick's youngest sister was confirmed. That definetly started our Holy Week on the right focus. Her class is one that I love dearly and have become very close with. It was great to see them confirmed on Sunday. They are one of the few classes that get the concept...for the most part...and appreciate their confirmation. Her confirmation project was a banner to hang at Living Truth. Very sweet of her. She had a very fun open house, and Derrick and I were able to leave the boys at his parents' house for awhile to go to several others I had been invited to. Monday and Tuesday were rainy and cold. I was able to make it through Twilight and New Moon those days. We stayed inside and played a lot of games. We taught the boys how to play go fish, war, slap jack, and some others. It was a lot of fun because they are getting the concept of stuff like that. Of course, Hungry Hippos made the game list, also. Derrick and I also got several boxes packed and closets cleaned out.Wednesday, Matthew, Lucas, and I went to Pizza Hut for lunch. They had earned Book-It coupons for a free pizza and we cashed them in. It was a nice little date. Then, Wednesday night they had karate.

Thursday, we played in the morning and then went to the park. They road their scooters all the way there and back. It is about a 12 minute or so walk. After playing there for awhile, we came home for quiet time. That's code for "movie and mommy nap time". After quiet time, Lucas felt ill and began puking. He kept that up for about a day and a half. My parents offered to take Matthew overnight Thursday night. He right away got his back pack ready and waited by the door. After about 20 minutes of waiting, I convinced him they were going to be about another half an hour and he should sit down. When they got there, he was so excited to go. It was cute to see him get a little wind in his sails about being the only one to go to grandma and grandpa's. They brought him home later on Friday afternoon. Saturday, we worked around the house all day. We raked, cleaned up outside, and washed my car. Then we went to my parents to store some things and for lunch.

Easter was great, too. We had church, then to my grandma's and Derrick's parents. The boys had an egg hunt at each house. At the Hursts, we (Derrick and I, too) had to go on a scavenger hunt to find our Easter gifts. His mom gets teased, but she makes things like that fun. Monday, the four of us went on errands to the the Movie Tavern to see Monsters vs. Aliens. It was a lot of fun. The Movie Tavern is a restaurant in a movie theatre. We love to go there! I pray you all had a great Easter!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's Been a While

Well, since I joined Facebook, I have been neglecting our family blog. Oh well. I'll try to do better. Since I last updated, lots of things have happened. We celebrated our anniversary...nine years on February 26th. We went to j. Gilbert's, a steakhouse in Columbus. They specialize in wood grilled steaks. It was unbelieveable! We had a gift card for there, and thought we would try it. It was the fanciest, most expensive restaurant we have ever been to. The food looked like it came off FoodNetwork. We had shrimp cocktail, wine, steak, crab cakes, and some amazing chocolate dessert that had liquid chocolate in it so when you cut a bite, it oozed out! YUM!
Next, we have been working on the hardwood floors. Derrick finished the third bedroom just this past week and started his parents' living room and dining room. We have come to the realization that we no longer want, but NEED a larger home. So, we are working on our to do list to get it in selling condition. Hopefully by Easter we will have it listed. We've been looking at larger homes and researching our options. We'll see what happens.
Lucas lost his second bottom tooth in church last Sunday. Yeah, in church, right before we were ready to go to Communion. He sneezed, and I was wiping his nose, brushed against his mouth that was open so he could breathe b/c I was pinching his nose, and I knocked it out. Nothing ever dull in our house. He also has the hang of riding a two wheel bike. He needs help getting started, but then can go for about nine houses or so. Next we need to get Matthew on it, and get Lucas to learn how to turn around in a driveway.
Third, I'm pregnant. We had an ultrasound today, and there is only one baby in there. According to the tech, "one standard kid. about one inch long." I'm nine weeks and due between October 31 and November 4. Pretty exciting stuff!
We are looking forward to Spring Break. This coming week is the last week before break. We need some time off of school. Nothing's hard to do that when you are a church family and spring break falls during Holy Week. Oh well...we have plenty to do around the house.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Transforming from Five To Six

This week it was all about getting ready for Matthew and Lucas to turn six. However, we had some hurdles to get over before the parties could happen. Derrick was in Phoenix for PLI, which meant the boys were staying either at Derrick's parents or my parents. Monday, St. John's had a basketball game. That meant in order for me to get the boys to the Hursts, we had to go to the game and then the Hursts would take them home after Darragh's game. We had a "date" night to McDonald's, and then to the game. Tuesday after school I took them to my parents and we had dinner and I left them there. Then, I headed back to school for the boys game. I haven't been to a lot of games, and since the boys were at my parents, I decided to go to this one. Wednesday they had karate, and I took them to my parents afterwards, and Thursday Derrick came home. His flight wasn't supposed to come in until 10, so I had planned on going to the store to get party food, make cupcakes, feed the boys, clean a little, and then put them in pjs and head to pick him up. Meanwhile, he was working on getting home earlier via standbys. He texted me at 4:45 to say he was on the flight from Chicago to Columbus and he would be there around 5:30. This is while the boys and I are at the grocery, and we needed to check out, run the ice cream and milk home, and get to the airport, which is 40 minutes away. We hurried and finished, ran the goodies home, and made it to the airport by six. The boys were so hungry, so we hit the McDonalds drive thru at the airport. I have typically looked forward to having the house to myself when he goes out of town, but this week it was a little rough.

Friday was previously scheduled as a winter break, but we used it to make up for a snow day we had gone over. Therefore, we had to be at school Friday, which wrenched my plans for cleaning and baking cupcakes on Friday. We hurried home after school, stopping at Goodies Galore for the traditional mylar balloons. They didn't have Transformers themed balloons, so I settled for the gigantic number sixes. They were pretty cool. My parents and sisters came over Friday for a pizza buffet and cupcakes and ice cream. They got a lot of Transformers stuff, and one of the highlights was a gift card to Toys r Us. Excitement over that you ask? Yes, because they like going to the store and being able to buy something they pick out. Saturday we moved the living room furniture around, and cleaned up to get ready for party number two. Altogether, our families make about 25 people, so we split the parties up. Saturday night Derrick and I went to Little Tony's with some friends for dinner and to hear our friend Lukas sing and play his guitar. It was a lot of fun. Sunday was church. The boys traipsed around church showing off their "I'm Six Years Old Today" buttons we had bought at the party store. Then, Derrick's family came over for a pasta buffet after church, as well as cupcakes and ice cream. When we were singing to the boys, and it was time to make a wish, they bowed their heads on the table like they were praying and were whispering a "lots of toys" chant as their wish. It was really funny. His family was here most of the day, playing the wii, and playing with the nerf swords and guns that Grandma Patty and Grandpa Keith got for them. Today we are off for President's Day and did some errands this morning. Overall, we had a great weekend.