Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer is off to a Start!

I am finally done with school! The last few days were uneventful days full of filling time and keeping my kids happy. They were a great class this year. This week I am at school for inservice meetings. We also started our VBS this week. We had to call it early last night because we had some very bad lightning and a thunderstorm rolling in. The boys have been getting up early with me and getting out to Grandma Patty's while I go to school.

Derrick has been working very hard on VBS and getting ready for our first official "congregational open forum". It is on Sunday, and we are discussing a larger meeting space. We had a police officer come and talk at VBS tonight, and of course Derrick took the opportunity to invite him to church. That's my evangelizing husband! This past weekend one of our parishoners hosted an all church cookout to celebrate our three confirmands. After some good eating, the kids got out the water guns and the hoses. After they were happy spraying each other, Derrick and some of the other dads sent them after the moms under the tent.

Today at grandma's the boys went to the pond at a neighbor's house. They had a great time picking up tadpoles and throwing mud globs at each other. Of course when I come to get them they are changing into new clothes. However, they didn't have any clean shirts at grandma's, so they left her house with red shorts and Spiderman pajama shirts. Oh well, this is of course on the night when I have to spot at Subway and pick up sandwiches for the VBS leaders. So it goes. VBS is over on Thursday. Tomorrow we have the fire department coming to visit.

Next week Derrick and I are heading to Phoenix for PLI. It will be nice to get away. The boys are starting the Little Champions program at Sports Ohio on Monday. They learn the basics of hitting, throwing, running, catching. They also learn T-ball, kickball, and soccer. I think it will be great for them.

Enjoy your week!