Thursday, March 27, 2008

I am so sorry I haven't updated. When I looked at the date of my last update, I couldn't believe it had been that long. Our life has been so crazy these last few weeks. Matthew and Lucas had both been battling fevers and coughs, etc. Lucas had a mild case of the croup, and Matthew was waking up with very stiff legs in the mornings. Both are fine now, and have been enjoying their spring break this week.
The boys had two birthday parties this year, to spread the family wealth. It actually worked out great. We had Derrick's family over on Friday for pizza and mine on Sunday for a roast. I can't believe they are 5! We registered for Kindergarten....WOW!

A few weeks ago, we also enjoyed the "blizzard of '08". Let me tell you, lots of snow! We had an early release, and then we were snowed in for the rest of the weekend. It was over the course of a weekend, and it was great. After the winds died down, we went outside to play. Matthew and Lucas were eating snow by the handfulls. Derrick built them snow burrows so deep they could get down in them and stand up, and still only their heads stuck out.

This week we went to the Air Force museum in Dayton. My sister, Lindsey, met us there. It was VERY cool! The boys (Derrick included) thoroughly enjoyed the restored planes. I really can't describe how very cool they were up close. They were intact, restored original planes. The beginning of the museumw was the early days of flight, and then as you kept walking, it became more and more advanced. I think the favorite of all of us was the B-2 Stealth. When we pulled into the museum drive, there are some planes on display outside. Lucas's words were, with a dramatic tone, "Holy mac and cheese!" We still aren't sure where he picked that up. But it's cute! Matthew's eyes were quarter sized at almost everything. They really enjoyed the planes where you could sit in the cock pits. Also this week, they painted the pieces to their wooden model airplanes my parents got them for their birthday. We took them out to Derrick's parents' house to ride their four wheelers, and they are really getting the hang of the scooters they got for their birthday.

We had a great Easter. We celebrated at my Aunt's house and then at Derrick's parents' house. The boys definetly did their share of egg hunting! They sort of thought it was time to get presents, but overall it was great.

Have a great day!