Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hurst Family Christmas

Matthew, Lucas, and baby Elly

This year, we celebrated Christmas ALL.DAY.LONG at the Hurst house on New Year's Eve.  So glad I love these people dearly-because we were there from about 1:00 until about....11:00.  We almost rang in the New Year with them, but tired {overstimulated/hyper} kids and a headache for me led us down the road toward home shortly before midnight.  

As is typical, we had a "fun" game to play in order to open gifts.  This entailed choosing a Christmas trivia question from a basket, answering it, then hunting for the tag that had the answer on it.  This was then revealed whose gift it was.  Such fun.  Yes, it was.  It took forever, there were "breaks", and the boys were over hyper, but all in all it was fun.  

The day/evening were of course made much more fun with the super sweet baby nieces that had their first Christmas with us-Remington and Elly.  What cuties!  

One of the first gifts Natalie opened was from Derrick's parents-Princess Hello Kitty pjs.  Of course, even though it was about 2:00 pm, she donned them right away and didn't take them off all evening.  The boys were beyond excited to get some new LEGO sets, some Terrain Twisters {which are VERY cool remote control vehicles}, and of course the ever classic Shirnky Dinks.  Every kid has to have those, right?  

Natalie was totally spoiled with her new Fisher Price Loving Family dollhouse-so fun!  

We had a blessed, wonderful Christmas with everyone!