Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Cookies and Friends

A new Christmas tradition was started last year with the Hursts and the Larsons. Sarah and I needed a "break", and something for our kids to do. They were severely inflicted with cabin fever, so I invited Sarah and the kids over to decorate sugar cookies. This year, we got together again during the last few days of Christmas break to decorate again. I made the cookies a few days ahead of time, picked up some goodies to sprinkle on them, and whipped up some icing while the kids played. They were so cute icing and sprinkling the cookies this year. Eliana..the only girl in the group...was so girlie and careful about her sprinkles. Matthew and Lucas were all about speed and icing/decorating asap so they could partake of the goodies, and Noah was under the impression that the more sprinkles he had on his cookie, the better.
Eliana carefully decorating a bell.
Matthew and Noah
I think Noah sneaked a lick of his icing :)..or he's in deep thought.
Lucas likes decorating the stars the best.
Matthew slathering on the icing.

We love getting our kids together. I hope this tradition continues for many Christmases.