Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hot Girls and Secret Agents

My two eight year olds :) Matthew and Lucas, February 15, 2011.

For their birthday, Matthew and Lucas chose to go to Olive Garden. Well, to be honest, because it's all you can eat breadsticks. Also, I told them that if they wanted to go out for their birthday it had to be to a restaurant with a waitress. I mean, if I'm going out to dinner-which is EXTREMELY rare in our house-I'm going to sit down and be served. I also told them that if we went to a restaurant with a waitress, sometimes they come and sing "Happy Birthday" to you and maybe bring you a balloon or something fun.
Lucas with his salad and bread :)
Dinner was great-they had their favorite, which is pasta without sauce but with lots of Parmesan cheese, and they ate their whole plate of salad before their meal came. I tell ya, to see my boys gobble up salad before a meal makes me proud. While we ate, all were happy. Then, we told the waiter that when he got around to it and a few people together that they could come and sing when they were ready. Every time the guy walked by, the boys asked when they were coming to sing. In the course of that time, two very well dressed, professional looking men came in and walked by us to their table. As they walked by, Matthew leans in towards us and says, "Are those guys secret agents?" Too funny. To be honest, they did look the part-trench coats, bluetooths, ties, etc. Matthew with a HUGE excited look on his face while they sang, and Lucas trying to hide his excitement and embarrassment from my comment about the hot girls.

Finally, the waiter arrives with two very lovely young ladies to sing. Matthew and Lucas couldn't have been more excited. Before they sang, I said, "Look, he even brought two very pretty girls to sing to you along with him." Red faces from the boys, and a sideways glance is what I received for that comment. They were in heaven for the short time it took the song to be sung.
Natalie enjoying her crayons and children's menu coloring.
Afterwards, we headed back home with a stop to WalMart...not of my choosing, but because they had gift cards to spend. Again we were reminded why Marysville needs a Target and why I haven't been to WalMart since I don't know when...but I digress. After much deliberation, we left with two LEGO Ninjago sets and two happy boys. It was home..we weren't going to hit KMart, too..another gift card...but we don't need my opinion on that one either...and put their sets together while I got Natalie to bed.
Matthew patiently waiting for his food.
They're eight...and they will remember this birthday as one where they recognized hot girls and secret agents.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Big 8

We celebrated Matthew and Lucas's birthday last night with our families. We decided to not have a friend's party this year-we'll do that every other year. We decided on a karate theme for their party...and they even agreed to wear their karate uniforms for the festivities. Here's the gift rundown:

*DS Mario Bros-Grandma and Papa

*DS My Sims Sky Heroes, clothes, shoes-Mommy and Daddy

*Wii MarioKart-Devon, Christopher, AnnaMarie, and Skylar
*Dual Spinning Electronic LightSabers, LEGO City diesel truck and airplane-Grandma Patty and Grandpa Keith

*Fishing Pole/Tackle Boxes-Auntie Linds and Ben, Wesley, and Riley

*Ben 10 Action figures-Darin and Sarah
*$8-Great Ma
*LEGO Store Gift Card-Auntie Kristin and Uncle Joey

*WalMart Gift Card-Omi and Opa
*KMart Gift Card -Grandpa and Joyce

We had cupcakes-chocolate (for Matthew), and white (for Lucas) both types with chocolate frosting. We also had ice cream, and all was good.

I can't believe they'll be 8 on Tuesday...they're halfway to the driving age, and only two more years til they hit double digits! Tuesday night we'll be celebrating with dinner out at Olive Garden...they're choice because they're all about all the breadsticks you can eat :)