Saturday, November 3, 2012

Natalie Turns Three

We celebrated Natalie's third birthday on October 21 at our house, with both sides of our family.  We opted for an after church, late afternoon party in hopes that she would have a nap....not so much.  Oh well!  

Her theme was a black/hot pink Minnie Mouse theme.  Such fun!  Although, as she was opening her presents and getting one Disney princess gift after another, I kinda thought maybe we should've gone the Princess route :).  Oh well, there's always next year!  Of course I had to make her a tutu, and I also had ordered her a shirt from at Etsy shop that turned out absolutely adorable!  Loved it!  She sweetly asked me to read each card as she was opening her gifts.  She even has the hang of holding new clothes up for a picture!
We served appetizers, cupcakes, and ice cream.  Natalie is such a sweetie at three years old.  We're just starting the potty training thing, and it's going okay.  She loves playing with her baby dolls, and checking their diapers to see if they need changed.  In fact, sometimes the babies even need to try on the potty!  At least she's learning something.  I love how she is recognizing the forgiveness idea.  When we have a bedtime struggle or she doesn't want to cooperate, she'll come to me later and tell me she's sorry for what she's done.  Then we have a hug and say "I forgive you."  It's so sweet.
She could sit and watch Disney Junior all day.  She knows all the words to Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Doc McStuffins, and Little Einsteins theme songs.  She's all about going to Sunday School with Ms. Robbie, and comes barreling through the door of the office, to the living room, to show off her Sunday School papers.  She's in a twin size bed, and doing wonderfully in it.  She'll eat just about anything we give her, but is starting to gain quite the affection for snacky foods and candy.  Natalie always makes sure to ask for a sucker when we go to the bank :).

We had such a wonderful time celebrating her with our families.  She's our special princess!