Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's STILL Cold!

So, this week was a short week. Not as short as last week, but hey. Monday Matthew, Lucas, and I baby-sat for my cousin's little girl, Mabry. She was over for a few hours, and we played in the basement with the toys, and when Chelsey came to get here, she was knee-deep in moonsand. It was so much fun to have a little girl around for a few hours. Lucas especially is good with her and playing nicely with her. Matthew likes to take her on the "grand tour" of the newest toys they've gotten, which he thinks she'll love when in reality...they are too boyish for her. Oh well.

Tuesday was back to school for all of us, and Pregnancy Care Center Volunteer Training for me. I almost didn't go..we had two VERY whiny, tired, little boys on the edge of Derrick's nerves. I did end up going after we decided that an EARLY bedtime was in their future and he'd only have to put up with the whining for about an hour after I left.

Wednesday we had a scheduled 2 hour delay at school so we can continue working on our Lutheran school accredidation. Derrick had church Wednesday night and the boys and I stayed home to do homework and so they could get showers.

Thursday wasn't too exciting except that I was at school until 8:30 for Parent/Teacher Conferences.

Friday, I left in the morning with Derrick telling me he was detaching from church and building something..toy room shelves...that day. It was one of the warmer days of the week, so being out in the garage building would be no big deal. Well, I come home to a VERY tired and rundown, and sick husband because he had worked TOO hard all day on moving all of our bedroom furniture out of the room, tearing out the carpet, and putting in hardwood floors. Needless to say, he'll never work that hard again. Remember...he is getting over strep and not off his antibiotic yet. He works hard a lot, but not like this, and his body was telling him to cool it! Saturday, we went to my parents' for lunch and then came home. Derrick rested up, and decided to do one more case (we have like 20 cases) of hardwood in the hallway. He is going to slowly put in the hall and do the other two bedrooms. Rome wasn't built in a day, and our floors aren't going to be hardwood in a day...a will probably be about two weeks. His goal is to be done by Matthew and Lucas's birthday will be done by then....because he is going to Phoenix for PLI the second week in February. We shall see!

Stay warm!