Monday, December 17, 2012

Carfrey Family Christmas-2012

 This year for Carfrey Family Christmas, we got together at Lindsey and Ben's house.  The Carfrey family consists of my Grandma Barb, Aunt Debbie, cousins Erin & Patrick, my parents, sisters, and their families.  This year, we also had David & Bailey {Erin's boyfriend and his daughter} with us.

Matthew, Grandma Barb, Brody, Riley, Natalie, Lucas, Wesley, Bailey  
Me and my buddy Brody

We went to Lindsey and Ben's for soups and sandwiches, and just to have a very nice time together.  It was sort of the Christmas of memories.  Why?  Because my Grandma had moved from a house to an apartment over the summer.  That meant that there were pictures and movies to be sorted through.  So, my mom had her old projector movies put onto a DVD-and we watched it while we were there.  It was so fun to watch these movies of my dad and his siblings when they were younger.  Of course, there was no sound, to which Natalie said, "I can't hear anything on this movie."

Also, my mom had taken some very old pictures from my grandma when she moved and asked me to make a scrapbook out of them for a gift.  To be honest-it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.  I mean, sorting through pictures from the 1950s and beyond was really cool.  But, it was hard because I didn't really know the story behind them.  However, my grandma did!  And she was so excited to look through it and remember her times with my grandpa.

Ben, Lindsey, and Natalie watching Doc McStuffins

We ate, and visited, and of course had our traditional family picture.  After they left, Kristin, Joey, Brody, and my parents stayed behind with us to continue our Christmas together.  It was totally a Disney Christmas for Natalie-from her Minnie Mouse hat to her princess dolls, to her HUGE Cinderella crafting set.  The boys were super thrilled to get their Air Hogs Hover Assault RC vehicles they had wanted.  Couple that with some LEGO sets and clothes, and everyone was happy.

The whole Carfrey Family

Derrick:  OSU hoodie-Kristin and Joey, Drinking Glasses, T shirts, money-Mom and Dad
Me:  iTunes, Starbucks gift cards, phone case, BBW car scent port-Lindsey, Sweater, Necklace, money-mom and dad
Matthew:  LEGO Creator, Air Hogs Hover Assault, Shirts, Tonka Front End Loader Builder-Grandma and Grandpa; Crayola Glow Book-Lindsey and Ben; Toys R Us Gift card, WildLife book-Kristin and Joey, Target GC-Grandma Barb; Front End Loader Builder Set-Erin & David

Lucas:  LEGO Creator, Air Hogs Hover Assault, Walkie Talkies, Shirts, Tonka Front End Loader Builder-Grandma and Grandpa; Crayola Glow Book-Lindsey and Ben; Toys R Us Gift Card, Darth Paper Strikes Back-Kristin and Joey, Target GC-Grandma Barb
Natalie:  Pillow cases, Shirt-Grandma Barb; Minnie Mouse Backpack-Erin & David; LEGOS, clothes, shopping cart, Veggie Tales Away in a Manger book-Grandma and Grandpa; Cinderella craft set-Kristin and Joey; Tinkerbell, Sleeping Beauty & Sno White Dolls, Minnie Mouse Hat-Lindsey and Ben

It ended up being a great day.  We ended up home around dinner time, just in time to feed the kids a little something and tuck them in with new books and of course the Disney princess dolls had to be tucked in at the foot of Natalie's bed.

Matthew, Riley, Lucas, Wesley