Tuesday, June 29, 2010

VBS and the Zoo

Vacation Bible School was last week, and it was quite the success. This is Lucas modeling his craft from the first night. The best part of it, was that Matthew and Lucas were able to put their faith into action. They had invited four friends-two from school and two from the neighborhood, and all four of them came! It was so exciting to see the boys excited about sharing church with their school friends. The theme was Joseph this year, and we had a huge tent up in the worship area for the "marketplace", opportunities to create things with hieroglyphics, and they even made bricks from mud and straw for an activity on one of the evenings.

Since we've moved into our new house, we've done a lot of entertaining...more so than we used to. We had the Hurst side over for grilled pizza last Saturday. It was possibly the BEST grilled pizza Derrick's made, yet. While they were here, we had the sprinklers going, so the boys took full advantage of running through them and getting as soaked as possible. Not to mention the pop up thunderstorm we had, which of course Auntie Darragh took them running through puddles afterwards.
Natalie also had her feet in the grass for the first time. She loved it! She sat so nicely, for quite a little while, watching the sprinklers and the boys ride their bikes.

Today was our first zoo trip of the year. We went to check out the polar bear exhibit, and it was very cool..very crowded, but there is an area where you can walk down a ramp, and see them swimming from underneath. There were two of them swimming around, and it was very fun to watch. Of course, we had to go to the snake house, touch pool, and see the Asia Quest exhibit. They even found a little kid to trade silly bands with..only my kids!

Last night, it was very cute..Natalie has an interest in Lucas lately. She wanted up on the couch with him, because he was sucking his fingers. She pulled his fingers out of his mouth, and put them in her own...She is getting so big. She's pulling up on furniture, she wants everything the boys have (including their toys which drives them crazy), and she wants to sit with them.