Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hello, all. I am so sorry I haven't posted in awhile. We have been crazy busy with Derrick starting his first confirmation class at Living Truth. He is really excited about that! He has three students, and they are all great kids. I have been trying to work in a tutoring session after school two days a week, and we have been getting ready for our Fall Festival, which is tonight. With the boys not napping consistently anymore, I find myself having less time at the computer for fun things, as opposed to school work. We had a great weekend last weekend. We went to the Columbus Zoo for "Boo at the Zoo." They set up a lot of businesses and they pass out candy to the kids. The boys wore their costumes, and they looked really cute. Tonight is our Fall Festival for church, and after this is over, our life will settle down a little bit. The boys have been learning so much at school, and using such big words. Just this morning Lucas said he was "terrified" and the other day he used the word "exhausted". How funny! We are looking forward to Trick or Treat on Wednesday night and then Thursday night I start my Parent/Teacher Conferences, since it's the end of the quarter. Thanks for reading!