Monday, December 10, 2007

Our week has started off great so far. We have been in touch with a family whose 5 month old daughter has had two open heart surgeries and is facing a possible third this weekend. Her name is Victoria, and at any rate, we were hooked up with them through one of our parishoners. For the past several months, they have become somewhat involved with church, as much as they can since they are living at the Ronald McDonald house in Columbus. Last night, we had our Living Truth Christmas dinner, and we revealed to the family that we have adopted them for Christmas and we had a slew of presents to send home with them. It ended up being so many gifts that we brought it back home to our dining room because they didn't have room in their car. It is so great to be able to help others and they are so appreciative.

Matthew and Lucas continue to be so into Star Wars. Derrick and I spend our free time in the evening being stormtroopers with the boys and fighting off the enemy. Yesterday afternoon, Lucas put me in "jail"...aka his bedroom...and said I couldn't come out. Matthew consoled me by saying that I could go out only to use the bathroom "right around the corner".

Derrick and I had a date night Friday to my staff Christmas party, and then on Saturday I finished up our Christmas shopping. If I can get our Christmas cards out this week, that will be great, and one more thing I can check off my list! My school kids are getting very squirmy, as we only have 7 school days until our program and Christmas break starts! YEAH! I think I am just about as excited as they are!

This week we are taking the boys to the library tomorrow to see Santa...better than the alternative of the mall, which I have done the last two years. Wednesday night I have a cookie exchange at a friend's house and Thursday is confirmation. Finally, the weekend will be here!

Sorry for no pictures, but I can't get my camera to turn on. I will update soon with some Christmas tree pictures!