Monday, December 22, 2008

We are finally on Christmas break. Our months have been very busy with church adding another service on Sundays and a Wednesday night service as well. The boys are growing and changing every day. They are getting sassier, but also cuter. They are so excited about Christmas this year. They have been faithfully opening each door on their Advent calendars and counting down the days. They were shepherds/innkeepers in the Kindergarten Christams program this year. Lucas had to say, "Sorry, no rooms", and "The Lord has told us what has happened." Matthew got to say, "Sorry, no rooms. But wait! How about the stable? It's nothing too fancy, but at least it's a roof over your heads." It was very cute! One of their Kindergarten highlights this month was making gingerbread houses. Derrick and his dad were the lucky ones to go to the classroom and help Matthew and Lucas with their houses. I think Derrick and his dad were more into it than the boys were.

Matthew and Lucas really are enjoying school. I can't believe all the things they are learning. Lucas's handwriting is wonderful, and Matthew's has improved greatly since the beginning of the year. He is finally learning to take his time and write his letters legibly. He seems to have a knack for Math, too...must get that from his daddy!

This week is Crazy Christmas. All told, we have seven Christamses to go to, including our own here on Christmas morning. I am so thankful for this break. Being home with the boys is one of my favorite things! We return to school on the 5th, and on the 9th I am headed to Dallas for PLI. These next two weeks of break will be much needed rest.

Merry Christmas!