Monday, February 16, 2009

Transforming from Five To Six

This week it was all about getting ready for Matthew and Lucas to turn six. However, we had some hurdles to get over before the parties could happen. Derrick was in Phoenix for PLI, which meant the boys were staying either at Derrick's parents or my parents. Monday, St. John's had a basketball game. That meant in order for me to get the boys to the Hursts, we had to go to the game and then the Hursts would take them home after Darragh's game. We had a "date" night to McDonald's, and then to the game. Tuesday after school I took them to my parents and we had dinner and I left them there. Then, I headed back to school for the boys game. I haven't been to a lot of games, and since the boys were at my parents, I decided to go to this one. Wednesday they had karate, and I took them to my parents afterwards, and Thursday Derrick came home. His flight wasn't supposed to come in until 10, so I had planned on going to the store to get party food, make cupcakes, feed the boys, clean a little, and then put them in pjs and head to pick him up. Meanwhile, he was working on getting home earlier via standbys. He texted me at 4:45 to say he was on the flight from Chicago to Columbus and he would be there around 5:30. This is while the boys and I are at the grocery, and we needed to check out, run the ice cream and milk home, and get to the airport, which is 40 minutes away. We hurried and finished, ran the goodies home, and made it to the airport by six. The boys were so hungry, so we hit the McDonalds drive thru at the airport. I have typically looked forward to having the house to myself when he goes out of town, but this week it was a little rough.

Friday was previously scheduled as a winter break, but we used it to make up for a snow day we had gone over. Therefore, we had to be at school Friday, which wrenched my plans for cleaning and baking cupcakes on Friday. We hurried home after school, stopping at Goodies Galore for the traditional mylar balloons. They didn't have Transformers themed balloons, so I settled for the gigantic number sixes. They were pretty cool. My parents and sisters came over Friday for a pizza buffet and cupcakes and ice cream. They got a lot of Transformers stuff, and one of the highlights was a gift card to Toys r Us. Excitement over that you ask? Yes, because they like going to the store and being able to buy something they pick out. Saturday we moved the living room furniture around, and cleaned up to get ready for party number two. Altogether, our families make about 25 people, so we split the parties up. Saturday night Derrick and I went to Little Tony's with some friends for dinner and to hear our friend Lukas sing and play his guitar. It was a lot of fun. Sunday was church. The boys traipsed around church showing off their "I'm Six Years Old Today" buttons we had bought at the party store. Then, Derrick's family came over for a pasta buffet after church, as well as cupcakes and ice cream. When we were singing to the boys, and it was time to make a wish, they bowed their heads on the table like they were praying and were whispering a "lots of toys" chant as their wish. It was really funny. His family was here most of the day, playing the wii, and playing with the nerf swords and guns that Grandma Patty and Grandpa Keith got for them. Today we are off for President's Day and did some errands this morning. Overall, we had a great weekend.