Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

We've waited and waited, and we are finally in our house. We moved in on April 23rd. I had to sacrifice going to the twin sale..after I had tagged and sorted all my items to sell...to move into our new house. This has been such a great lesson in patience for us. Normally, for us, God's lessons in patience involve frustration, hurt, irritation, etc. This one came out on the positive end...with a lot of answered prayers. We are SO thankful for our new house, and all the space it is affording us.

Matthew and Lucas tested and passed for their yellow belts. They had to answer a series of questions in front of Sensei. Then after class, they were presented with their belts. Glad they both passed...can't imagine the drama if it had been just one. We celebrated with blizzards after karate, then on Derrick's birthday, the 30th, we celebrated with blizzards again. I don't think that I had two blizzards all last summer...and we had them within one week of each other..

We went to Bowling Green last weekend for Darin's graduation. It's so cool to watch younger siblings/siblings in law...graduate. Derrick's other brother, Daniel is going to graduate from Fairbanks in about three weeks. Can't believe it! Then it's off to basic training for him and the National Guard.

Mother's Day was a celebration of Darin's BG graduation and mother's day. We went to the Hurst's for lunch, then to my parents to visit for a little bit. After being gone ALL day Saturday at BG, and Sunday for Mother's Day, it was nice to come home. I did some cleaning, and Derrick worked out in the garage a little bit. We can finally get our cars in the garage, with lots more room than we had in our old garage.

I had Lucas to the pediatrician yesterday. Thinking he had strep throat, but the test came back negative. Then, she sent us to have bloodwork done to test for mono. That rapid test came back negative, so who knows what is going on inside that little guy's body. He was home from school Monday and today. On the way home from Children's Close to Home, after several minutes of silence, Lucas informed me that they have 9 more birthdays until they get their driver's license...guess he's started a countdown already! He also thanked me up and down for taking him to Children's "because the needles at Marysville Hospital are probably a lot bigger". Too funny.

We are looking forward to the end of school, and vacation of course. It's a surprise for the boys. We aren't telling them where we are going, until we are in the car leaving. We are heading out the day I get out of school. Derrick and the kids are picking me up at work, and off we go!