Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Time Alone

Matthew and Derrick enjoying their blizzards.

Matthew helping with the stromboli.

Natalie's new trick-climbing the stairs.

Matthew and Lucas's new LEGOS-their reward for consistent good behavior.

Giving the boys time alone isn't something we do very much of. We've always had them together, and have had two of everything. That's where my parents come in. They will take one of them for an overnight every once in awhile, and this past week, Lucas got to spend his special overnight at Grandma Connie and Papa Ron's. This particular time was Lucas's turn. They did the same thing they had done with Matthew a few weeks ago-dinner at Max and Erma's, putt putt golf, and then on an errand with Grandma, Lucas got to pick out a toy. So we were left to entertain Matthew-and I mean that in the most loving way. The kid is go, go, go. He was lacking in a playmate, so Derrick had to step in for Lucas and suffice Matthew's need for a constant companion. I was able to talk Matthew into helping me with dinner, so he diligently spread the sauce on the stromboli and laid out the pepperoni. He then talked us into heading to Dairy Queen, we we went for a mommy/Matthew date to DQ and came home with blizzards for him, Derrick, and myself. He also sweet talked his way into a sleepover on our bedroom floor in his sleeping bag...he must have been cozy because he slept for about 11 hours.
Natalie's new trick is climbing the steps. It was awfully quiet the other day, and I came to find her five steps up...when the boys head upstairs, she is becoming quick to follow. What a stinker! She is growing so quickly. At her 9 month check up, she weighed in at 20 lbs. She's got such a cute personality, and is almost always a happy little girl. This past weekend we also celebrated Derrick's parents' 35th anniversary with a pool party. They got a pool this past weekend-a very nice, above ground, 5 foot pool, and we celebrated their purchase and anniversary with a cookout. Afterwards, we headed to my parents' for dinner to celebrate my grandma Barb's birthday. It was nice, as we don't see that side of my family very often. Only about two weeks until school starts..and my babies are in second grade :(.