Thursday, February 21, 2013

Matthew and Lucas Turn 10!

Wow!  Big double digits.  I can't believe these guys are ten.  Double digits.  From the time they were babies, I never understood how blessed I was with these sweet guys until their birthday.  So much of their early life is such a blur-trying to keep two little boys fed, dressed, changed, and out of danger takes a lot of thinking and time!

Alas, here we are and they are 10!  I seriously can't believe what sweet, caring, smart, wonderful young men they are growing up to be.   Here are a few fun facts about each of them:

Matthew:  He loves all sorts of fantasy books and shows, etc.  He is always using his imagination to play whatever character he is into at the time.  Matthew always has a LEGO man in his hand or in his pocket, and is adding to his LEGO sets everyday.  I love how he is interested in reading the Bible, and faithfully checks the verse of the week.  He wants to be a SWAT team member when he grows up.  

Lucas:  Lucas is more of a chill out, want to play with LEGOS and watch tv kind of kid.  He also LOVES his video games, but also enjoys playing outside.  He likes his sports, and is such a sweet big brother to Natalie.  Lucas is so super smart in school, and he is always wanting to read-especially realistic fiction books.  He's also our eater-he loves to eat, and is growing so strong everyday.  Love him!  He's also growing a strong heart for the Lord, and it's so fun to see him following along in church and asking questions.  

So, those are my boys!  We celebrated them with an Avengers themed party this year.  As much as I don't always understand the bday party themes they choose, I know someday I'll wish that we were having a themed party and that they were home celebrating their birthday with us.  We had our families over for dinner, cake, and ice cream.  Then, the day after we headed to SkyZone, and indoor trampoline park for their friends party.  They had a great time!  

Mommy and Daddy: Friends party, bikes
Grandma Connie and Papa Ron:  tackle boxes, fishing gear
Grandma Patty and Grandpa Keith:  digital cameras
Kristin and Joey:  Amazon Kindle Fire gift cards
Devon and Christopher:  Beyblades
Lindsey and Ben:  Z Shot bow 
Daniel and Tiffany:  Wal Mart Gift cards