Saturday, January 31, 2009

The First Lost Tooth!

Derrick pulled Lucas's loose front tooth out last night. We were sitting on the couch for our pre-bedtime snuggles, and he was wiggling it. Before we knew it, it was out. Lucas was excited, and of course much tooth fairy talk was floating around last night. He went to the bathroom to check out the gap. It's so cute how they go from all gums, to that exciting time of cutting teeth, back to being gums and loosing teeth. He had a plan to set up a trap camera in the doorway to their bedroom to catch the tooth fairy in action. He had it all rigged up in his mind...set up the camera, hook a rope to it, and when she flies in, it will push the button and take her picture. Too funny! We put it in a ziploc bag, left her a "note" that his mommy wanted to keep it for scrapbooking/memory purposes, and off to bed they went. This morning, he came straight to our room to ask if we could go to the store today and buy a toy with the two dollars she left. We convinced him to start saving his tooth fairy money and soon enough he'll be able to buy a toy. Matthew was excited for him and proclaimed to my mom today that he was "Proud of Lucas for losing his tooth." Such a good big brother!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Hardwood Floor Project

First of all, let me just say again how much I adore my husband for getting me/us this computer for Christmas. We had been using laptops...his from church and mine from school, but it was a pain for me to bring it home and unhooking it from my SMART Board. Plus, the boys are into any ".com" website they hear about and couldn't navigate the mouse very well on the laptops. Second, the new digital camera he got me has been very busy also. That is why I am blogging so much more is so much easier!

Anyway, we are making great headaway with the floors. This morning I unloaded the boys' closet, stripped the beds, and moved the mattresses and boxsprings out to our room so he could start their floor when he gets home from the dentist. Our room looks like a war does the computer room because it has the flooring boxes in it, as well as baseboards. But, after today and this weekend, the boys' room and the hall will be done. All that will be left is our closet and the computer room. I've added a few pictures of the project and will add some more of the finished project. The boys were VERY helpful in unloading their closet and taking things back to our room. They want Derrick to work on the floor in their room, so they are all about speeding up the process. They took all their "friends" out to the couches and snuggled up to watch Toy Story 2...they LOVE snow days! Movies and video games are special treats on weekdays when we have no school.

As for the tooth..last night when Derrick was brushing Lucas's teeth, he accidentally hit his loose tooth the wrong way, and we thought it was going to come luck. Derrick tried, but Lucas wouldn't have it. Hopefully he will suck his fingers enough to loosen it a little more. According to him, he can whistle now with a loose tooth...not sure why he thinks that, but who am I to question the mind of an almost six year old? We have another snow day today, which according to Matthew is the "Perfect PS2 Day!" Any excuse for him to play video games....oh well. I am very thankful for the snow day, however tomorrow back to school will be rough, and come June I may not be so excited when we have to add days on . Oh well!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Much Excitement!

Well, we have a first in our house....Lucas has two loose teeth. It all started last night when Derrick was getting them bundled up to go to the neighbor's so he could meet me for their parent/teacher conference. He noticed Lucas's bottom tooth was loose. When he asked Lucas about it, he started crying. He was very nervous about losing a tooth and all that involved. Well, in that moment, it all came clear..Lucas hasn't been eating a lot and has been crying and very touchy a lot. Come to find out it has been loose for awhile, and he didn't want to tell us.

So, off to the neighbor's they went. Zach and CJ, who are eight and ten told Matthew and Lucas all about how cool it is to lose a tooth and the tooth fairy, etc. Of course, what Zach and CJ say goes, so Lucas was fine with it. When we got home, Derrick asked him what he knew about the tooth fairy. Lucas told him that sometimes she brings money or toys. Derrick asked him where he learned that, and he said from "Little Bear"....according to Lucas, Little Bear got a whistle under his pillow when the tooth fairy came. He gave us a very assured, knowing look that said he knew all about the tooth fairy information. Too funny! He also said today that maybe the tooth fairy would bring him $100. Not sure where that came from, but let's just say he's going to be a tad disappointed with the dollar or two that will be under his pillow instead of 100.

We had a snow day today, as we have over 8 inches of snow and we are under a level 2 snow emergency. Fun stuff!