Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hotter Than.....

Hi, all. So, Derrick and I just got back from Phoenix on Tuesday. Let me tell you...that 84 degrees and actual humidity in the air were welcome!

We left on Tuesday, the 17th. We had to leave home around 5am. Our flight to Chicago O'Hare was uneventful. However, when we were on the plane in Chicago, they discovered it had a mechanical issue that needed to be fixed. An hour or so later, of sitting on the plane, we were off for Phoenix. When we arrived, we took the shuttle to the hotel and had lunch at the hotel restaurant. I attempted to nap, but I was too tired to sleep. The first night was a buffet dinner at the hotel room. After that, we were bused to Christ Church Lutheran in Phoenix. We had an invigorating opening worship service. The best part was the blessing. In a group as couples, we went up to the altar as if we were going to communion and they blessed us and gave the husbands a cross necklace. After the service we had an ice cream social. We were able to meet so many people there.

Wednesday we met our collegial groups and the husbands and wives were split into two different rooms. We talked a lot about our values, who has influenced our ministry choices, etc. For me, it was an eye opening, confidence building experience. After our sessions that day, we went back to the hotel to have dinner with our collegial groups. We each had our own ballroom to eat with our group and our mentors. Our group is so much fun! God was really working with putting our group together.

Thursday was more sessions at the church. Then Thursday we were on our own for dinner. We went with three other couples from our collegial group to a place called Tempe Marketplace. It is an outdoor mall. We ate at the Maria, Maria Cantina. It was a lot of fun getting to know each other and laugh. Friday ended early and we went over to the Scottsdale Mall. We walked around Old Town Scottsdale and had dinner at the Italian Grotto. Such fun places to shop and good food to eat. We had a lot of fun.

Saturday was our last day of sessions. This day we worked on a family plan and a mission and values for our family. The best part of PLI right now is the emphasis on the importance of our marriage and being there for each other...especially me supporting Derrick in his ministry. Saturday night we had a closing banquet. It was very nice. We had wine from a gentleman's private collection, which was fabulous. After this was hospitality hour and then off to bed.

Sunday we had worship and then Derrick and I rented a car and drove out of town. We drove to the mountains and stopped at a trailhead to look around. There were cacti everywhere, and it was VERY hot. We could just feel the heat radiating from the ground. After all, it was 112 degrees! I was afraid to see a rattlesnake, and everything around us was desert quiet. So, while I am concentrating and taking a picture, Derrick makes this slithering snake sound and slides his finger up the back of my leg. I jumped and screamed loud enough to scare away anything that may have been there!

Monday we flew home. Our flight out of Chicago was cancelled, so we had to switch airlines and about six hours later we were on our flight home.

This week the boys have been going to VBS at St. John's, so I am working in my classroom and getting some things finished. While we were in Phoenix, they stayed with Derrick's parents. They had a lot of fun at Chuck E Cheese, Kings Island, and going to the movies.

Have a great week!