Monday, July 2, 2012

Flag Football {Spring and Fall}

Last fall, Matthew and Lucas really enjoyed playing flag football through our local YMCA.  We spent every Sunday afternoon at the Y watching them play, loving it, and cheering them on.  Their coach was Jason Isaacs and his grandpa.
They were so wonderful with the boys.  They taught them how to play, how to be good sports, and how to enjoy themselves on the football field.  It wasn't overly competitive {we have enough competition between the two of them}, and the weather was almost always perfect.
Natalie easily found the playground, so we spent some time over there while the boys practiced or played their games.

Then, in the spring, they brought home a flier advertising flag football through the Marysville Junior Football Association.

This league is much more "serious" than the Y, but the boys enjoyed it nonetheless.  I really appreciated how the coach put Matthew at center the majority of the time, if for nothing else so the kid could touch the ball every game.  

Lucas was often put as a "decoy", faking that he got a pass and running so the quarterback could throw it to another player.  Lucas thoroughly enjoyed this role.  He thought it was cool to be a decoy.  To each his own, I guess.  

They finished the league as the MJFA Champs.  They had an undefeated season.  It was great to see them on a team, winning, and being a part of it.