Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy July

Hi, everyone. We are finally back into a routine and having fun this summer. Monday I took Matthew and Lucas to the library to make the bug craft of the week and get some books. We made a butterfly out of a clothespin and coffee filter then picked out books. We also picked up our summer reading packet. Not sure if we are going to get 20 hours of reading by August, but we'll try. That takes a lot of kids picture books to make an hour! Then in the evening they had their Little Champions practice at Sports Ohio...this time they are learning football basics. Tuesday we stayed around home and cleaned and played. They also went to a neighbor's house for a "pool party". Fun stuff when you have about six little kids in a blow up pool! Tuesday night Derrick and I went to the Brazenhead Pub with the Hoffmans. We really enjoy their company, and plan on getting together with them more often.
Wednesday we went to the Columbus Zoo with Mrs. Mathys..aka my friend Emily. She was Matthew and Lucas's preschool teacher last year. She lives a few streets over and stops in periodically. When she stopped in on Tuesday I invited her to the zoo. The highlight of the zoo was the boys feeding the lorikeets. For a dollar, you can get a cup of nectar to feed the lorikeets.
Thursday was our family day together. We went to Dublin to see Wall-E. It was a very cute movie, and the boys were silent for the whole time! They love going to the movie theatre. After that we hit Toys R Us and they each picked out a new Jedi Starfighter to add to their collection. We finished the day off with a trip to Kohl's and to Kristin and Joey's to drop off a gift for their anniversary.
Friday we hung out around home and then my parents came over to walk down and watch fireworks with us. Another family in the same spot had sparklers. Needless to say, the boys were a little skittish about them and wouldn't hold any.
Saturday my mom came to get Matthew and Lucas while Derrick and I headed to the furniture store to pick out end tables, a coffee table, and a sofa table.
Sunday was church and then to Bob Evans for lunch with my family. When we got home, we got out the slip and slide and played around for a while. Have a great week!