Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas! We have had everything Christmas this last week. It started last Tuesday with Matthew and Lucas's preschool Christmas program. It was so cute! They really sang out and did the motions this year, as opposed to last year when they just kind of stood on the stage and were about three beats behind everyone else. It amazes me what their little minds can hold. One of their songs was very unfamiliar to us and three verses long, yet they knew all of it, the fingerplay they did, and all the verses to Go Tell It On The Mountain. Then Wednesday was my last day of school for break. Our program was very cute this year. We finished up some shopping last week and I had a couple days to wrap and organize the gifts under the tree. Saturday we went to my grandma Carfrey's in Grove City, and then to my sister and brother-in-law's after. Kristin, my sister, made a great dinner and dessert, and we had a lot of fun opening presents and being with my family.

Sunday was church, and on Christmas Eve we went to Derrick's grandparents' house all day. We had lunch, opened presents, and played games. That evening, we headed to church for Living Truth's first Christmas Eve service. We had a full house! It was great. On Christmas Day, we stayed home until about 11 opening presents, then we headed to my Grandma Mae's house. It was very nice to be home Christmas morning so we could take our time and relax. The boys were very into opening this year, just to see what was in the package. Then, they would go and play with their toys. We got them a Leapster, and they haven't been away from it very much the last two days!

God bless all of you this Christmas as we focus on Jesus and His birth so we can have life with Him in heaven.