Monday, June 15, 2009

Yeah Summer!

School's out! Yeah! I have been struggling this year with enjoying teaching and trying to balance the classroom with our family life. Those days are over! I am so thankful to be finished with teaching and now I am able to focus on our home life and helping Derrick more with church. Speaking of church...VBS is this week. Not sure how many kids to expect, so that always makes for anxiousness around the church. I am also sending the boys to VBS at St. John's this week. Theirs is from 9-12 and ours is in the evening from 6-8. My husband thinks I'm crazy, and some of you reading this may think so, too. Two VBS sessions in one day! Oh well. You can't have too much Jesus.

I am 20 weeks along in my pregnancy. I am definetly looking pregnant, which is better than looking like I've gained a few pounds. I love shopping, as most of you know, but not for maternity clothes. Oh well. It feeds my habit for now I guess. I'm not trying to buy too much..I'd rather buy cute new clothes after the baby comes! We find out what we are having on the 23rd. Which is also the day we are going on VACATION! Yes, my husband actually wants to go on vacation...ok, maybe doesn't want to but sees the need for it. As kids, the only vacation spots we know are Myrtle Beach (my family spot) and Disney World or Kings Island (his family spots). All those sound great...but Derrick doesn't like the beach, and most of the rides at Disney World are out for me right now. Instead, we decided on Niagara Falls and then Hershey/Strausburg PA. At the falls, we are going to do the Maid of the Mist and the Cave of the Winds. I am so geeked about this. I've always wanted to go on the Maid of the's a boat you ride around the falls in case you weren't sure...Also, they have fireworks nightly at the falls. We are also visiting an aquarium as part of our trip there. We will be there two days, and then head down into PA. We are staying in Harrisburg, between Hershey and Strausburg. We are going to the Hershey factory...which we are very excited about..then in Strausburg is a Railroad Museum and a Toy Train Museum..both of which the boys will love. We'll be there for two days and then make our way back home.

This week is crazy. We not only have VBS, but Derrick is responsible for much of the AV equipment, running it, and helping the presenters at our district convention. He's not too excited about it. He will be at the Embassy Suites in Dublin all day/into the evening Wednesday-Saturday.

The weather has been warm, and the boys have been all over their scooters/bikes. Lucas is doing so well on his bike. He is actually becoming a little too bold for my taste. Have a good week!