Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lucas is the Treasured Student

Every student in Mrs. Siefker's room had a chance at being the "Treasured Student".  So, when it was Lucas's turn, we diligently gathered all the needed supplies.   You know, the baby pictures, pictures of a special time, filled out his paper about his favorites, etc.  Something super special his teacher had the students do was to write a letter to his or her parents to read aloud to the class.  We, as parents, also included a letter to Lucas to read to his class.  
Derrick was excited to see that when Lucas grows up he wants to be a pastor. 
Since I was off of work well before the boys were out of school, I was able to be present for Lucas's "Treasured Student" moment.  It was really very cute.  The kids all gathered on the carpet, and Lucas was in the teacher's chair.  He proudly read his letters to and from us.  He slowly pulled each "treasure" out of his bag....LEGOS, his pin trading set from Disney, favorite books, etc.  Also, the class was allowed to ask me questions about Lucas.....sort of those embarrassing moment type of questions :).  
I love that his answer to someone he admires is "My dad".

It was so sweet, to see Lucas sitting in this chair receiving compliments from his classmates, sharing himself through answering their questions, and enjoying being in the spotlight.

Looking a little unsure about the letter he's about to read.  

Enjoying the compliments from the letter Derrick wrote him.  

Monday, July 9, 2012

First vs Last

Mrs. Seifker and Lucas on the first day of school-August 2011

Mrs. Canterbury and Matthew on the first day of school-August 2011

Matthew and Mrs. Canterbury-last day of third grade
I always love seeing the differences in the boys from the first day of school to the last day of school.  The first day of school pictures are filled with smiles, but hidden behind those smiles are fears and anticipation of the new year.
Matthew and Lucas-August 2011
The last day of school pictures show two boys, one school year older, and excited for summer break.  Having conquered another year of school is quite an accomplishment.  They should be proud of themselves.
Matthew and Lucas-June 2012

This year, I boogied out of work right as the bell was ringing so I could make it to Northwood for the boys' last day of school at the end of the day.  This year, Matthew's teacher had organized a "Disney cruise" for her, and the other third grade classes, to end the year.  The boys were excited to wear their mouse ears and new Mickey t shirts {we had gotten for our upcoming trip} to school.  In fact, as I looked around, they were the only third graders with real mouse ears.  Super cool.
Lucas and Mr. Woerlein-his long term sub, on the last day of school
Mrs. Seifker and Lucas-last day of third grade
Anyway, as part of the end of the year traditions, the whole school lines up in the hall to "clap out" the fourth graders.  I stood there, with Lucas's class, clapping out the fourth graders.  Then, it hit me.  That will be me, next year, "clapping out" my two fourth graders as they move out of elementary and into Intermediate school.  You know me, I started crying like a baby.   You would've thought I was one of the fourth grade moms, who was sad her kid was moving out of elementary school.  No, just a mom who is thinking of the future and her kids actually having the audacity to grow up and move on to another school.  Like to fifth grade.  Booo, hoo.  My tears were a flowin'!

We've said time and again this year how blessed we were with the teachers we had.  The boys were placed perfectly with someone who cared for them how they needed to be cared for, and they learned so very much this year!