Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Well, it is finished. Yesterday morning we were able to start using our shower. We even have a cool, new shower head that the water comes out like rain. I have to say, I am very proud of my husband and the hard work he has put into the shower.

Our plant is still producing tomatoes. We found out from a parishoner that it is a perpetual tomato plant, meaning it will keep producing and growing until the first frost. Also, we could have trained it to grow up a trellis, which is why it grew out of its cage and has begun growing up the front porch. Also, we have another scientific wonder in our "garden"..aka the front flowerbed. Derrick found a praying mantis spinnng an egg sac on our pepper plant the other day. As far as we know, it is still there.

We had a great weekend. For the third time this month, Derrick and I were able to go out together. We went to the OSU/Northwestern blowout game on Saturday. It was about 42-0, OSU of course, by the end of the FIRST quarter, so we just enjoyed the winnings for the rest of the game. Sunday the four of us went to church and then off to the zoo. They were having all kinds of fall festival type things, even though it was almost ninety degrees and didn't feel much like fall! Anyway, there was a man there carving animals out of pumpkins. The sign said the pumpkins weighed 500 lbs. It was very cool. We also did the train ride and saw the scuba diver feeding the fish. That is something I have always wanted the boys to see, but we usually aren't in that area when they are doing the feeding. That, too, was neat to watch. In church on Sunday, Lucas was a bit stuffed up, and when he sneezed, a lot of gunk came out. Right out loud he says, "That was a big snot rocket, Mommy!" Yeah, of course it was in the middle of Derrick's message, and those around us, including myself, were laughing very hard. It was so funny! Enjoy the pictures. The boys get more fun, and more entertaining everyday!