Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Our Thanksgiving

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone. But, it was amazing! Derrick's mom had a surprise for all of us. She got a day pass from Dodd Hall for Derrick's dad to come home for the day. He got to see Natalie, and he held her almost all day. The boys were SO relieved to see that grandpa was feeling better, could talk to them, and could get up and walk around. He did sit in his rocking chair almost all day, but he was so glad to be there, as we were all so glad he was there. The original plan was that we would eat a quick lunch and then head down to the hospital. There is a visiting area and we were planning on taking the kids in for a little bit. But, much to my relief, we didn't have to go down to the hospital. I don't mind hospitals, but taking my kids to one is a different story. Later in the evening, we went to my cousin's house. He has totally redone the inside and outside of an older home in Marysville, and this was sort of a housewarming for him also. We had a gingerbread house making contest (yes, adults...my mom and aunts come up with quite the activities)....and then made our way home to get the kiddos to bed. Black Friday was spent at home, shopping online. I have to say that we get a lot of our shopping done that way. It's so nice! Over the weekend, we also put up our Christmas trees. We have the big, 10 ft., one in the living room, and this year the boys got a 6 ft one for their bedroom. They went at it, and the ornaments are in some interesting places. I think it's funny that they put their three or four favorites (each) on the bottom branches, so there is a section that sags almost to the floor. Oh well. Two weekends ago, it was in the 60s, so Derrick and Lucas put our lights up outside. Matthew wanted nothing to do with the ladder, so he managed the Christmas lights on the ground. He finished, after the trees, with the garland, and now our house is done.

It's finally starting to turn cold..but even so we are having highs in the 50s. On Saturday the Rausch ladies got together for tea. It was also a surprise baby shower for Natalie and I. Sunday was church and I went to get a few things at Bath and Body Works for Christmas gifts. Derrick had his first time staying home with all three kiddos alone. He did great, of course. Looking ahead, this Wednesday night is church decorating, and that is the most excitement I think we'll have this week. This weekend is our church cookie exchange and Derrick's installation at Atonement...I am really looking forward to that celebration! I'll be getting our Christmas cards out this week. I did them on Shutterfly this year, and they turned out really nice. Natalie is five weeks old, and proving to be slightly high maitenance at a young age. Oh well...like my mom says, "I hope you have a child just like you someday". She is growing, and starting to coo and make such cute noises. I have to go back to work next Monday. I'm not too excited about it, but only two weeks and Christmas vacation will be here!