Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Matthew's Dreams

Matthew had a cute dream the other night. He dreamed he saw Jesus. We were all in church, "the Hurst family" he said. Jesus looked like he had dark hair and a beard. Everyone else was crouched behind their chairs because they were afraid, but everyone in the Hurst family was sitting there looking at Jesus. He was up by the altar in church. How sweet!

Life Changes....

Well, what we've waited and prayed for has finally come. On Monday we got an offer on our house, and we accepted it. We had it on the market this past summer/fall, and took it off when it didn't sell. After much deliberating, we decided to give it another shot and put it back up at the beginning of February. We had several showings, but each one had something to complain about, or it wasn't the house for them. Selling a house is stressful. Sitting around, keeping it clean, and waiting for someone to schedule a showing, THEN waiting to hear how they felt about it is stressful. Saturday, we had two showings scheduled. Sunday morning, I checked my phone for emails, expecting the usual weekly deals from Target, an update from Money Saving Mom, etc. Along with those, I saw a feedback email from the showing company. The first agent to submit feedback from Saturday had nothing to say. I debated on scrolling through the rest of them, not wanting/caring to see more that say they aren't interested. But I checked anyway. It said, "Could the listing agent please call me? We would like to make an offer....etc." So, our realtor took care of it, and Monday the offer came. We wasn't quite as much as we had hoped, but it was reasonable. We took it! They want to close on April 15, with possession a week later. We need to start house hunting! We've found several that we like within the parameters of our neighborhood school that we like so well. It's so exciting to house hunt, but I didn't realize how stressful it would be. My insides feel all jumbled up...excitement, stress, we are going to be at PLI the week/day they want to close, so that means we want to be fairly packed up before we go to PLI...Easter, getting the kids packed for a week at grandma's, putting an offer on a home for us to buy....waiting for acceptance of that offer, it's so much to think about! Finally, yet another life change for us. We must thrive on those....or so it seems!