Thursday, November 11, 2010

Maybe Not......

We had parent teacher conferences for Matthew and Lucas on Monday. Mrs. Kinney said that she had never had a set of twins before, so she wasn't sure what to expect achievement wise, but she was shocked. Our district has a ridiculously low standard (as far as I'm concerned) that second graders should be able to read 5-10 sight words in September. By May, they should be at 180.

Matthew: 171, Lucas: 173 ......only off by two, and in my mommy mind, based on the standard, that screams OVERACHIEVERS!

On their HearingandRecordingSoundsInWords (or HRSIW), the expectation is 48...that means they can write down, correctly, words that are dictated to them.

Matthew: 58, Lucas: 58....exactly the same. I wonder if it was the same words they had correct/wrong?

BAS reading level expectation is that they are at a Level I....

Matthew: J, Lucas, J

Math Facts: They should know 25/100 in September....

Matthew: 43 addition/32 subtraction, Lucas 62 addition/41 subtraction

It was funny to see Mrs. Kinney so surprised at their similarities....and I was a proud mommy when I left the conference :)

A Year Ago

Here are two comparative pictures about a year apart. Natalie is such a different child...there is no comparing her to her brothers. She is getting to be so much fun right now. I love how we'll read a book and then she lays her head down on the floor and says "ni, ni". Like she's going to sleep, or as we call it having a "night, night". She's also becoming more verbal and better at telling us what she wants. She is preferring to walk, once she pulls herself up using furniture or something else that's sturdy, off she goes. Natalie is picky-she knows what she likes and what she doesn't. She loves on her babies, but refuses to push her stroller when she has a baby in it. Too funny. She carries her babies around, and hugs them so tight. She is very interested in what we are eating-eggs, chicken, noodles, cooked name it, she wants to try it...even pizza. The minute the boys walk into the room, she completely lights up. She is so interested in what they are doing, and just sits on the floor and watches them push their cars, planes, or whatever they're playing with back and forth. She is finally mastering a better sleep schedule at night. We've moved to having her cry it out, and after about 15 mins or so , if she doesn't stop, then I go in. She's also getting good at mimicking animal sounds. If you ask her how a kitty goes, she'll say "meow"...and for a puppy, she makes the "f" at the end of "woof, woof". So cute. I'd forgotten how much they change in their first year of life....and she is getting cuter everyday.