Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Why I Love My In-Laws..Reason 685

With the perfect husband, I suppose come the perfect in-laws. I love them..I always have, and I always will. I mainly love them because they love me-have loved me since we started dating my freshman year in high school, and have accepted me into their family. Derrick's mom always thought we'd end up together, and was on the verge of disowning him when he went through his "let's date many other girls" phase. Anyway, I digress. Another reason I love them is their generosity...and right now it is being shown through the pool. Yep, my in-laws got a pool...a real live, huge, permanent pool. See, we don't spend money on a pool pass for various reasons-including many of my former students who hang out there don't need to see me in a swimsuit-as well as I don't think keeping track of two boys who can't yet swim and an infant is my idea of spending the day in the sun. Keith and Patty got this pool, and we've been out several times. We won't be out much more this summer, as it's a bit chilly when it's in the 70s/low 80s to to go the pool. However, I am already looking forward to next summer when we can lounge at the pool after church on Sundays, and during the week!
Natalie chilling in her floatie. She loves the thing. Give her some cheerios, and she has it made!
Matthew playing in the pool.
Lucas showing off his floaties...what a cheeser!

Second Grade Begins

This morning started differently. Cinnamon rolls for breakfast, new shoes, new backpacks-that were packed full-and a walk across the street to school. Matthew says, "I feel like I have a million butterflies in my stomach". Then when he gets home, he says, "It was totally awesome!" I'm so glad-there were not any tears shed this morning. I'm anxious to see what this year brings-I remember second grade as being my favorite year. I hope they also enjoy it.

The walk to school with Derrick leading the way.
Love the look of nerves and anticipation in Matthew's eyes as he sits down to his first day in 2nd Grade.
Matthew ready for second grade.
Lucas showing off his new backpack and shoes. What a poser!
Lucas and Matthew ready to go!

Last Day of Summer Break

For our last day of summer break, we wanted to something as a whole family and centered around the boys. Given some choices, they chose COSI-of which I was glad because it's one of our fun places to go, and we hadn't made it yet this summer. So after breakfast and getting the diaper bags and snacks together, we headed off to COSI. Now, this is a major, sensory overstimulation trip for all! There is so much to look at, touch, and do, that one can get overwhelmed-that was Matthew. He jumped from one thing to the next like and Energizer bunny. I don't think the kid walked the entire time. We always start in the SPACE exhibit first, as it is right past the admission desk. While in there, Lucas discovered a space ship simulation type thing, and sat in it. He pushed a bunch of buttons, and it talks to you like you're in a space ship, etc. Well, one that he pushed makes it move, as if you are blasting off. He looked a bit shocked, and said, "Ok, I'd like to get out now please". The look on his face was so funny when it moved unexpectedly! After we explored SPACE, we moved onto OCEANS, where the boys like to climb in the submarine. I remember the first time we went to COSI, it took much coaxing to get them down into the submarine, but now they clamor for the ladder and will sit in it for a little while. They love to "control" it, and then we moved on. After the lower level, we moved on to the Mezzanine. Here we hit the Progress exhibit, and the boys ran from decade to decade, checking out all the fun shops and restaurants. It was funny to see them in an old fashioned phone booth, and on the carriage.
In the LIFE exhibit, there was a piano that plays the noises of bodily functions. Of course, they found it absolutely hilarious. As a mother of boys, I've come to realize how hilarious bodily functions are through their eyes. Whatever. Anyway, we hit the GADGETS exhibit and Derrick gave each child a turn on the pulleys...Natalie, too. We left COSI very hungry, and headed to Red Robin for lunch. It was another instance where I saw how much they are growing. They nicely told the waitress what they wanted, drinks and all. It was so cute. We then headed home for some quiet time, and to get ready for the first day of school!