Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Orange Belt-CHECK!

Matthew and Lucas in front of sensei.

After several weeks of learning to count in Japanese, as well as most of the terms for some karate terms in Japanese, the boys passed their test for their orange belt. They started at white, earned the yellow about a year ago, and have now moved on to orange. Matthew's personal goal is to go up two belts in karate this year-very doable if he keeps up with it.

Matthew and Lucas performing their breakfalls.

They had to stand-together-in front of sensei and say the Japanese words for certain moves like "upper level block", "horse stance", etc., and then demonstrate them. It was funny to watch from the back of the room because Lucas was asked the words that Matthew knew better, and vice versa.

Lucas finishing his rolling breakfall.

Then, they had to perform their first and second kata-a routine of karate moves. However, the important thing is that they passed, and we are SO proud of them. They'll get their belts in class this week, so sensei can present them in front of everyone. I know they'll be so excited!

Matthew doing one of his katas.

Natalie-17 months

I think Natalie needs a little blog time of her own. As I look through some past posts, I've done a poor job of updating after her checkups, posting pictures, and giving her some cyber space. So, here's the rundown on her at seventeen months:

Weight: 24.8 lbs, 50th percentile
Height: 32 in, 75th percentile

Words she's saying:
Mommy, daddy, baby, night-night, peek, tickle-tickle, bye-bye

Cute things she does:
*blows kisses and frantically waves goodbye
*tries to put on her shoes or socks while sitting by the door
*gets a book and sits on the bottom stair step, a rug, or a pillow to read it

*rocks and burps her baby-good thing the babies aren't real because I think she's a little rough
*puts her finger to her lips and says "shhh" after she's laid down her baby and covered it up
*dances to ANY music-it's particularly cute in church
*stops everything she's doing when the "Hot Dog" dance comes on during Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
*winks with both eyes
*sings "la, la, la" along with her Sing a ma Jigs
*stands on a chair at the counter and "helps" when we are cooking

Mischeivous things she does:
*scoots up the steps at mach speed when she hears me coming down the hall because she knows she's in trouble
*unloads the lower cabinets and strews storage containers and cups all over the kitchen
*blows raspberries-while eating crackers
*runs straight to the street when we go outside
*pulls Derrick's books off the shelves in his office

She'd starve if it weren't for:
*ritz crackers
*just about anything-the kid loves to eat, and will try almost anything. She's a much different eater than her brothers were.