Monday, November 19, 2007

It's Almost Thanksgiving

Tonight we are all home together, which is a rarity lately. Matthew and Lucas have been into playing the Legos Star Wars PS2 game with Derrick. I think he is more into it than they are..he is such a video game junky. Derrick likes to "show" them how to play...Matthew actually has picked it up pretty well. PS2 with Daddy is the reward for having good days at school. Lets just say that they have only gotten to do it a few times. They seem to have a hard time with listening, and responding to the teacher's schedule. They definetly like to blaze their own trails. We have put the trains away as of late and traded them in for John Deere tractors. Better yet, they are into putting their belts around their waists, attaching their water guns and Spiderman telephones, and with a flashlight around their necks they scope out the bad guys. Pretty ironic from two kids who don't like to go down the dark hallway and into the bathroom alone.

I am very excited about only two days of school this week. We had an uneventful weekend. We went to Jeffersonville Outlet mall on Friday night for "candles" from the Yankee store, and ended up coming home with Under Armor, too! It was a fun family night. Saturday, Derrick and I sent the boys to my mom and dad's and we stayed home and watched the Buckeyes BEAT the Wolverines...and made buckeye candies during the game. Sunday, Derrick was literally gone ALL day, so the boys and I stayed home. They are getting over coughs, and I am starting a cold, so it was nice to stay home.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you...Happy Birthday to my dad, my sister, and my sister-in-law next week!