Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's Winter!

It's Winter...or so it looks like it outside. We got dumped on last night...12 inches at least and hit a Level 2 snow emergency. We all closed school early, came home, and snuggled in for the night. The snow is heavy, wet, and fact, the boys were outside this morning at 9 am to start playing. It took me at least 15 minutes to dress them and get them outside. After about 5 minutes, the front doorbell rings, and they want to come in. I said absolutely took me longer to dress them than they wanted to be outside. When they came back 15 minutes later, I let them in. Derrick is working in the basement today to finish the built in shelves he started over Christmas break. We put our house back on the market Thursday night, and got a calling Friday afternoon for a showing on Sunday. Hopefully the snow won't keep them away tomorrow.

Our January was tough...strep throat, stomach upsets...just germs! We are all on the mend, though. This week we are gearing up for the boys' birthday on the 15th. I can't believe they are going to be seven! Every year I cry on/around their birthday...I wonder if I will this year. They are having a friend party...well, only about 4 boys are coming over, bringing the boy total in the house to six. Friday is Hurst side of the family, Saturday is friends, Sunday is Carfrey side, and Monday (their birthday) we are going out to dinner and getting the kids' pictures taken. Their birthday has become at least a two or three day event. This year's theme is LEGO, and I think everything will turn out very cute. They are so into LEGO and are signed up for the LEGO club. This week Lucas got his LEGO magazine and 3D glasses in the mail. They had a fun time playing with those! Hopefully we can get this house sold and have both sides of our family over at the same time. Right now, space doesn't allow for that.

Natalie is growing so rapidly. She's almost four months! She has been eating cereal for a few weeks now, and is all over that spoon! It's so cute to watch her. We started her kind of early, but she was always smacking her gums and lips together, and she has always had great head control. So, Derrick gave it a try and she loves it. The boys are so cute with her. They lay with her and talk to her, play her toys with her. It's very cute.

Here are some pictures of our house this week. Also, Matthew lost his second tooth Thursday night...of course it was right before bedtime while his teeth were being brushed. He was holding out, hoping it would come out at school because they get a special envelope, but that didn't happen. My next post will be about their birthday. Have a good week!