Saturday, September 6, 2008


Well, I sent my babies to Kindergarten, and they came home exhausted. They are going to Kindergarten in the morning, and then to the latchkey program at school afterwards. It's working out nicely, and they are learning things at both places. One of the good things about our latchkey program is it is theme based, they do activities and art, and they aren't just playing all day long. I love bringing my sixth graders back from lunch, because that is the time Matthew and Lucas are out on the playground for latchkey. I get lots of hugs and "Hi, Mommy" from across the playground. I think they think it's cool that I am there, too. They are learning to read sight words, and right now they can read "I", "can", and "me". Every Friday they come home with a new poem or song to recite for us, and we have made it a Friday night phone call to the grandparents. They love to hear them recite over the phone. The other night at dinner, Lucas told me I was "Being the hands of Christ" when I shared some of my tortilla chips with him. I guess they have been learning about this at school, and for them to apply it at home was awesome. Now they want to help out a lot, and they call that "being the hands of Christ."

We are starting Faithweaver Sunday School tomorrow. It is working through the Bible in three years, and it is for all age groups. So, Derrick will be leading the adults while another couple leads the children's time. We are very excited for this to happen. It will be a great addition to our church.

This weekend is pretty low key. Last night we were to the Hursts' for Daniel's birthday...he's 17, and today we are doing stuff around the house and watching the OSU/OU game on tv. Have a great weekend!

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Sarah said...

Hope the boys are still enjoying K-garten and things are going well for you. I'll await your October post with zeal!