Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Much Excitement!

Well, we have a first in our house....Lucas has two loose teeth. It all started last night when Derrick was getting them bundled up to go to the neighbor's so he could meet me for their parent/teacher conference. He noticed Lucas's bottom tooth was loose. When he asked Lucas about it, he started crying. He was very nervous about losing a tooth and all that involved. Well, in that moment, it all came clear..Lucas hasn't been eating a lot and has been crying and very touchy a lot. Come to find out it has been loose for awhile, and he didn't want to tell us.

So, off to the neighbor's they went. Zach and CJ, who are eight and ten told Matthew and Lucas all about how cool it is to lose a tooth and the tooth fairy, etc. Of course, what Zach and CJ say goes, so Lucas was fine with it. When we got home, Derrick asked him what he knew about the tooth fairy. Lucas told him that sometimes she brings money or toys. Derrick asked him where he learned that, and he said from "Little Bear"....according to Lucas, Little Bear got a whistle under his pillow when the tooth fairy came. He gave us a very assured, knowing look that said he knew all about the tooth fairy information. Too funny! He also said today that maybe the tooth fairy would bring him $100. Not sure where that came from, but let's just say he's going to be a tad disappointed with the dollar or two that will be under his pillow instead of 100.

We had a snow day today, as we have over 8 inches of snow and we are under a level 2 snow emergency. Fun stuff!

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Lindsey said...

Who ever knew how excited I would be about one of my nephews getting ready to lose a tooth! This is exciting stuff!
Remember how funny they looked when they actually started getting teeth? Now think about how funny they will look when they starting losing them! I love it!