Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Our spring break started on Friday. Derrick and I ran errands while Joey and Kristin took the boys to the LEGO store to spend their gift cards. We picked them up and went home to have pizza and relax. Saturday was fairly normal, with Derrick and I working on cleaning stuff up and packing. I dread packing. I hate puts my home in disarray, and that is something I'm not comfortable with. Nonetheless, it needs to be done. The best part, for me, is the purging and pitching of things we don't need. Not only are we packing to move, but I am pricing and tagging stuff for the twin sale on the 23rd, AND we are packing for PLI in St. Louis..which also means packing up the kids for a week at grandma's. Anyway, we had Ladies Night Out for church on Saturday. We went to Casa Fiesta, while the dads and kids got together at a family's house to play and have a cookout. It was Matthew and Daddy night, because Lucas stayed home with my parents after complaining of having a sore throat all day and a fever. That leads to Sunday...I skipped church to stay home with a sick Lucas, and ended up taking him to Children's Close to Home for a strep swab, which came back positive. So, he was down and out for a few days. Finally on Thursday, the weather broke nicely. It was in the 80s! We were outside ALL day. I think the boys thought it was the only day of summer...they picnicked, rode bikes, played in the sandbox, we went to the park, had popsicles..everything but got out the slip n slide.

Easter we had church in the park. We had about 30 people or so. It was sunny and beautiful. Then we had a balloon launch afterwards and an Easter egg hunt for the kids. We came home and changed, took some pictures, and headed off to my grandma's for lunch. We had ham, noodles, salad, etc. It was fabulous as always. Then it was time for the egg hunt. The little cousins-Matthew, Lucas, Mabry, and Charlie, lined up and on "Go!" they were off to find eggs. After they collected them, they sat on the blanket, and had to do various tricks, sing songs, etc. to collect prizes. The hit was the kites. Matthew and Derrick and Lucas and my mom flew kites for what seemed forever. They did a really good job with them. After playing outside for awhile, we headed over to the Hursts' for dessert and more Easter baskets. Over break they spent a lot of time doing crafts. Earlier in the week, Matthew made all 8 creations out of his bendaroos, and then they got these kits to make a frog and a cat out of foam. Very cute, and kept them VERY busy!

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