Monday, May 24, 2010

And She's Off

Well, Natalie is crawling. In the last three weeks, she's mastered sitting on her own, very confidently, and now crawling. I'm not saying she's a crawling master yet. It starts as scooting, and pushing her toes into the carpet and lurching forward. In the last few days she's been putting the crawling motions with a little more speed. Today when I got home from work, she crawled to me..albeit slowly, but she did it. Yesterday she was sitting, leaned into the crawling position, then sat herself back up...the time's a gates will reign.

She so wants to be where the boys are, and has developed a fascination with paper and tags. The boys didn't crawl at 7 months...not sure if she's a bit ahead of them because she's a girl, not a multiple, or not behind from the get go like the boys were...but needless to say I think I'll have a walker on my hands before her first birthday comes around. She especially likes to have the boys read to her...she pays great attention to them, and they love it that she'll sit and listen to them read to her.
Matthew Reading to Natalie

Lucas trying to read to Natalie..while she crawls around!

The boys are almost second graders! They have 9 days left of school, and are so ready for summer. Admittedly, so am I. I am ready for a lesser schedule, staying up late, and being outside a lot. Lucas was asking me yesterday if we can have Tuesday and Wednesday be "water days"...we'll see. They are starting "Camp Northwood" today, complete with tie dye shirts, bug journals, and trail mix for a snack. They were allowed to bring their sleeping bags to school for reading time and store them in their cubbies. Everyday they have mail call, and get letters we wrote from home. Sounds very cute, and definetly an end of the year activity.
What's next for the Hursts? Vacation and VBS...Daniel's graduation from HS and send off to basic training, as well as all the other fun summer stuff like the zoo, parks, etc.


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Great update, love the pics! Would say more, but i/m one handed at the moment!

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