Friday, July 9, 2010

Too Big for Her Own Good

She's at it again..moving more swiftly. Yep, the nine month old is getting big for her britches. She's catching on so quickly, I can't keep up with writing it all down..This week she's mastered pulling up on the couch-rather gracefully I might add-and scootching her way from one end to the other. She even tried to let go of the couch to transfer to the coffee table yesterday.
Wednesday I found her pulled up at the potty in the boys' bathroom..good thing the lid was closed. Anything she can pull up on, she does..including in the bathtub. She's a wild child. I also gave her graham crackers last week, which she's all about when she needs a snack. Her new sound sounds like she's saying "ok, ok, ok" really fast, or "go, go, go" really fast. Too funny. Too big...she's into EVERYTHING, and her crawling speed is growing rapidly. She's getting too big too fast..

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