Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas was tiring, fun, busy...and so that's why I'm just now getting around to posting about it-because it was overwhelming and the thought of recapping is overwhelming, too. Here's the rundown:

December 24: Christmas Eve celebration at Omi and Opa's around lunchtime. We had the traditional German rouladden (basically cube steaks wrapped around a small pickle), mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, and fruit. So good. We opened gifts and played until it was time to go to church. Matthew, Natalie, and Lucas looking all dressed up for Christmas Eve.
The boys were SO excited about the Hot Wheels RC cars they got-and they are very cool. They fold up and fit flat in your pocket. We talked, laughed, and ate some more. Then we headed to church at seven. It was probably one of the most beautiful Christmas Eve services I've ever been to. Afterwards, we went back to Omi and Opa's so the Lawsons could open their gifts-and the rest of us watched. We ordered pizza, and hung out a little longer. It snowed a bit, making it pretty. Around 9 it was home to bed and put out cookies for Santa. Derrick and I were up until about 11 putting together the Weeble house, putting batteries in various toys like the Dance Star Mickey, and stuffing stockings.
Lucas opening his remote control Hot Wheels at Omi and Opa's.
December 25: Christmas morning, Lucas was up at 6, so I encouraged him to go back to bed, telling him it was the "middle of the night". It worked..kind of. We were up at 6;30, and the kids were up around 7. Opening stockings was pacifying enough to get them through church. Lucas was SUPER excited about the mini screwdriver, as well as other small tools in his stocking, and Matthew was excited about the LEGO Battles DS game and his new jibbitz. Natalie was excited about the Mickey Mouse board books she found in hers. Derrick gave me a beautiful, handstamped necklace with the kids' names on it. Love it. Then, it was off to church. After church, considering the kids didn't do too badly knowing there were gifts waiting to be opened, we headed home for the rest of the festivities. It was a LEGO Christmas for the boys...Atlantis, Star Wars, and City. They were pretty good sports about the clothes they got, too. Natalie was uber excited (as was I) about the Dance Star Mickey. She LOVED it. Her reaction was priceless. And it was a Little People Christmas for Natalie. We spent the rest of the day..until about 4 opening gifts, putting together LEGOS, and enjoying being home together. Then, around 5, it was off to Grandma Mae's. All the little cousins-Mae, Lucas, Riley, Matthew, Natalie, and Charlie
Another fun mom assigned parts to each child for the nativity, and they acted it out. Matthew was the innkeeper, Lucas was Joseph, and Natalie was a sheep, but from my lap. More gifts, more eating...then finally home to bed.
Lucas and Matthew with the Build a Bears they picked out for each other.
The Carfrey Family

December 26th: Christmas at Grandma Barb's. Yep, Christmas number 4. We headed to Grove City for a late lunch after church (yes, third day in a row of church)...and did our gift card exchange and enjoyed spending time with Grandma and the cousins I don't see very often. Afterward, it was back to Marysville...for the Carfrey (my side) Christmas.
Natalie have story time with Grandma Connie
We hosted Mom, Dad, Joey, Kristin, Lindsey, Ben and his kids for the evening. Thank goodness for Giant Eagle party trays and "everyone bring a little something". Ahh...more gift opening. Our living room looked like gifts were taking over. In fact, the boys stacked their gifts into towers before opening, and stood beside them-almost their height. Matthew excited about his stash.
Lots of fun toys-a disgusting science experiement kit, a coin bank (wooden and they had to put it together..good use for the boys' new tools they got in their stockings), Natalie got her first tea set (Fisher Price). Then it was crash into bed for a few days rest.
Lucas's pile was about as tall as he was.
January 1st: Hurst Family Christmas was an all day (literally from noon til about 8:30) affair. It was ALL toys from Grandma and Grandpa Hurst for the boys. Pillow pets...I knew they wanted them, but not that bad. Cousin picture-Natalie, Matthew, Lucas, Skyler, and AnnaMarie
And Grandma delivered...each grandchild got one-the boys each a bear and Natalie a kitten. Playmobil, GI Joe, and the Walking ATAT were enough to keep the boys entertained for the rest of the night.

Matthew and Lucas with their much awaited ATAT from Grandma and Grandpa.
Derrick and I got some super nice wall hangings, an over the door garage storage unit. And I was SO excited about my Cricut that my in laws gave me. We had tacos, rum cake, amaretto hot chocolate, and other yummies-my father in law makes the best Chex Mix and caramel corn...After the opening-which took a long time because the packages are numbered and we have to draw, and search for the number, then give it to the person it's for....we were ready for home.
Natalie and the life size baby from the Lawsons. It's seriously huge.

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