Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Big 8

We celebrated Matthew and Lucas's birthday last night with our families. We decided to not have a friend's party this year-we'll do that every other year. We decided on a karate theme for their party...and they even agreed to wear their karate uniforms for the festivities. Here's the gift rundown:

*DS Mario Bros-Grandma and Papa

*DS My Sims Sky Heroes, clothes, shoes-Mommy and Daddy

*Wii MarioKart-Devon, Christopher, AnnaMarie, and Skylar
*Dual Spinning Electronic LightSabers, LEGO City diesel truck and airplane-Grandma Patty and Grandpa Keith

*Fishing Pole/Tackle Boxes-Auntie Linds and Ben, Wesley, and Riley

*Ben 10 Action figures-Darin and Sarah
*$8-Great Ma
*LEGO Store Gift Card-Auntie Kristin and Uncle Joey

*WalMart Gift Card-Omi and Opa
*KMart Gift Card -Grandpa and Joyce

We had cupcakes-chocolate (for Matthew), and white (for Lucas) both types with chocolate frosting. We also had ice cream, and all was good.

I can't believe they'll be 8 on Tuesday...they're halfway to the driving age, and only two more years til they hit double digits! Tuesday night we'll be celebrating with dinner out at Olive Garden...they're choice because they're all about all the breadsticks you can eat :)

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Ewe said...

Doesn't it go fast? I can't believe my oldest will be 7 in a couple of weeks. Actually I'm having a difficult time with my middle turning 5 in a couple of months too. It's not so difficult for my baby to turn 3 though-I'm glad we're done with baby things unless we have another baby. But wow, 8!
We don't send our boys to school and we live in a rural area so I have to admit there were a couple of things on their gift list that I don't even know exactly what they are (I have a general idea). That surprised me because I have boys too. I know what the fishing pole is!
I'm curious with twins, do they like celebrating a birthday together or do they wish they each had their own day?