Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Natalie-17 months

I think Natalie needs a little blog time of her own. As I look through some past posts, I've done a poor job of updating after her checkups, posting pictures, and giving her some cyber space. So, here's the rundown on her at seventeen months:

Weight: 24.8 lbs, 50th percentile
Height: 32 in, 75th percentile

Words she's saying:
Mommy, daddy, baby, night-night, peek, tickle-tickle, bye-bye

Cute things she does:
*blows kisses and frantically waves goodbye
*tries to put on her shoes or socks while sitting by the door
*gets a book and sits on the bottom stair step, a rug, or a pillow to read it

*rocks and burps her baby-good thing the babies aren't real because I think she's a little rough
*puts her finger to her lips and says "shhh" after she's laid down her baby and covered it up
*dances to ANY music-it's particularly cute in church
*stops everything she's doing when the "Hot Dog" dance comes on during Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
*winks with both eyes
*sings "la, la, la" along with her Sing a ma Jigs
*stands on a chair at the counter and "helps" when we are cooking

Mischeivous things she does:
*scoots up the steps at mach speed when she hears me coming down the hall because she knows she's in trouble
*unloads the lower cabinets and strews storage containers and cups all over the kitchen
*blows raspberries-while eating crackers
*runs straight to the street when we go outside
*pulls Derrick's books off the shelves in his office

She'd starve if it weren't for:
*ritz crackers
*just about anything-the kid loves to eat, and will try almost anything. She's a much different eater than her brothers were.

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