Thursday, April 21, 2011

Second Grade, Second Place

Lucas's second place Snowman Face picture
Handmade Totem Poles

Northwood hosted an Art Show/Spaghetti Dinner a few weeks ago. Lucas wasn't feeling well, so I took Matthew over to the school. He was so proud to show off his art. They both received second place for their Snowman Face pictures. Now, my boys are not VanGoghs or Picassos. However, with the proper instruction (they're art teacher is wonderful and amazing), the appropriate expectations, and the right materials, their art turns out rather nicely. After we walked around the halls, looking for their art so I could take pictures, it was time for the second grade portion of performances. They had been working on a song, Dry Your Tears, Africa, of which the highlight was shaking handmade rainsticks. Awesome. Matthew diligently searched through all the rainsticks until he found his. They sang a song-in an African dialect..aka, we couldn't understand a thing they said...and shook the rainsticks at the appropriate times. Of course, I was beaming from ear to ear because I was so proud.

Matthew and his second place Snowman Face picture.

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