Sunday, April 10, 2011

Volcanic Eruptions

Since Derrick started finishing the basement, we've been uncovering many treasures that were once packed away or tossed on a shelf. One of them was a long lost gift from Uncle Darin (a Christmas gift, I think). A volcano kit from Hobby Lobby. When the boys came upstairs with it last week, I was very excited...well, not really, but I put it together anyway. So, we opened it up and started getting it together. We mixed the plaster mix and water and poured it into the mold. As it hardened, they it became warm, which the boys thought was very cool. After letting it sit on the counter for a few days, it was time to paint it. I needed to stay home with Natalie last Monday, and as the boys were walking out the door, Lucas suggested I paint it since I was going to be home all day...I guess he thought I had nothing else to do than paint his volcano. I painted it :).

Later that night, they so wanted to check it out. Lucky for them, I had some vinegar and the monstrous bag of baking soda that we got at Sam's so long ago. As we were getting ready to put the baking soda and vinegar together, Matthew had a funny look on his face. He thought the thing was going to shoot way up in the sky like a real volcano. Sorry, no. I also think he had it in his mind that it was going to magically turn from baking soda and vinegar into hot lava. No, buddy, not going to happen. They happily took turns scooping out baking soda and pouring the vinegar, listening to and watching it bubble over. After about 2 turns each, the reservoir was full of a baking soda paste, and the fun was done.

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