Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Disney Vacation Part 4-EPCOT

Matthew, Lucas, Derrick, Natalie, Me outside of Spaceship Earth

I know, the Disney saga continues. But, can you imagine how long of a post it would be if I tried to get all of our trip into one the pictures! Oh, my, my! I don't even want to think about it. Anyway, moving on to EPCOT. EPCOT was worth two days of our park tickets. We can typically breeze through it in one day, but the boys are so into science and learning, etc., that we did it in two days.
Lucas in Germany.
First of all, we had to seriously talk them into Test Track. They didn't ride it last year because for some reason they thought it was too fast and scary from when they were four. Whatever. I took them on it while Derrick stayed with Natalie...and then they rode it about three more times the two days we were there. Loved it.
Lucas, Me, Matthew, Natalie, and Derrick at EPCOT
So did I, but I'm glad they actually loved it, too. Another ride we did this time was Soarin. Ok, it was WAY cool. It's a hanglider fight simulator that takes you over the California natural features. Like orange groves (and yes, you can smell oranges), the mountains, snow hills, some parks, and the beach. I could seriously feel beach sand and salt on my face and feet as we were going through that part. It was amazing. And of course, the end, you end up at Disneyland and you're so high up in the "air" that you're eye to eye with the fireworks. So awesome.
Jacque, Natalie and Mason-this is what we see at the exit of Soarin.
Of course, we come off of Soarin, and Jacque is sitting with Natalie and Mason, both kids passed out asleep. Too funny. We hit the World Showcase and browsed our way through the countries. I love me a German pretzel in Germany...ahh, it's so fabulous. And while the boys were doing the Kim Possible Scavenger Hunt in Mexico, I indulged in a Margarita. Yeah, of course I did!
Lucas and Matthew trying on sombreros in Mexico.
The Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure was fun for the boys. They give a Verizon phone that is programmed to give you clues as you search around the particular country for the villain. When you find the clue, you point the phone at it and press OK, and then it talks to you, or gives you a code to enter (like 3 pinatas lit up with numbers under them to type in for a code). In a way, it was sort of creepy, but the boys loved it. We had some killer ice cream cones in France, and the boys were super cute trying on sombreros. We also rode The Land-the growing and farming ride-and the boys made their own paper and video games.
Mason, Matthew, and Lucas recording their victory dance at the end of their video game.
It really is a fun park, and their favorite thing is riding Spaceship Earth-the big "ball" at EPCOT. I love the NEMO and Friends ride, of course, and Derrick's favorite is Imagination with Figment. Natalie, she just chilled out in the stroller and was along for the ride. She did meet the Mouse while we were there...totally fun.

Matthew making his own paper.

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