Friday, July 1, 2011

Girly Girl

Natalie is such a girly girl. And, secretly, I love that. Someday, I may not be so excited about it...I just look at her sometimes and think I've got trouble on the horizon. But, for now it's cute at 21 months. Her new word is "shoes". And, she loves to wear them. She'll put them on, and carefully walk about the house with anyone's shoes. She even slips the thong part of my flip flops between her toes. It's especially adorable when they're on the wrong feet. This morning, I was putting laundry away, and she was taking pairs of shoes out of my over the door organizer and trying them on. After she'd try them on, she'd put the pair nicely back into it's pocket.

There's no denying her "motherly", "clean house" instinct. In fact, her attention to detail is making me a little self conscious about my cleaning :). She'll sit on the floor by the table, find a crumb, and bring it to me saying "ucky, Mommy ucky". Then she gives it to me and I put it in the trash. Or, if something is out of place, she'll say, "Uh Oh, Mommy", and point to it. Like the griddle that was cooling off on the counter after breakfast this morning. Or the iron that is unplugged-those are out of place to her, and she reminds me by telling me "uh oh". I love the two word phrases she's using lately.

She is so fun lately. She's loving her Little People-her new thing is to line as many up as possible along the edge of the Little People castle. And let me tell you, she DOES NOT like it when one falls off! Also, she walks around saying "shhhh, baby" to let us know baby is sleeping and we should be quiet. One of her new favorite activities is drawing or coloring. I gave her a pen, some crayons, and some paper. I put her in her highchair, and she was content drawing for about 20 minutes. Awesome!

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