Thursday, October 13, 2011

Back to Reality

Ugh...I see that my last post was on July 9. That was almost exactly 3 months ago-today is October 13. Wow. I started this year so well with keeping up our family blog, and I'm sad to see that it's fallen to the wayside. Oh well. Life goes on...which is mainly why I haven't been updating. Derrick working at MAG, our church relocating to the school, the boys in separate classrooms and adjusting to being back to school, me going back to work, the twin sale....ugh. The list goes on and on. Here's a quick rundown, as we approach the middle of October-and Natalie's 2nd birthday next week!

August: The boys started 3rd grade, and happily and confidently went to their separate classrooms the first day of school. I was really nervous, but we made it through the first day of school with no tears-from any of us. Lucas has Mrs. Siefker and Matthew has Mrs. Canterbury. Matthew has quickly bonded with his teacher-she's a Disney fanatic too, and just finished her education to be a Disney travel agent...he loves her. Lucas has also attached to his teacher. He is so sensitive to others feelings, and if his teacher has a bad day, so does he. One of the highlights of the day is at dinner, when they talk to each other about their day. It's nice to hear them having a conversation,and sharing things that are unique to each of them, as opposed to feeling competitive with telling the day's events.

September: This month was the twin sale. I had a lot of things to sell, and sold almost everything. I went with 6 bins, and came home with only half of one full of items that didn't sell. It was great. Granted, I also came home with most of Natalie's fall/early winter wardrobe, but that's ok. The boys started back to karate and began flag football this month,too. They have really enjoyed flag football-they played for the Cardinals, through the Y. I think they like it, as opposed to soccer-because they aren't running aimlessly after the ball and each one has a responsibility for each play. Karate was a little rough because they had forgotten some techniques, but going every week has refreshed them and they're almost back to normal. We also managed to fit in a trip to the apple orchard.

October: This month isn't anything exciting so far. We've settled nicely into our routines-karate, football practice, bible study, etc.-and it's feeling like fall finally. Next week, we're celebrating Natalie and her 2nd birthday ladybug style. I ordered so much cute stuff for her birthday-I can't wait to take pictures! Our Sunday night routine has become grilled pizza and hanging out on the patio around the firepit with snacks.

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